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10 Law of Attraction Affirmations That Will Boost Your Confidence

There is nothing more powerful and beneficial for one’s life than positive thinking. When you’re in a positive mindset, everything comes easily and you start vibrating at a higher frequency. That’s why positivity is crucial for mastering the law of attraction.

If you’re wondering, “What is the best way to be more positive and start manifesting?” The answer is the law of attraction affirmations.

Reading law of attraction affirmations has so many amazing benefits that are incredibly valuable for your manifesting journey. It is one of the most powerful techniques all law of attraction masters use daily.

If you’re ready to learn what law of attraction affirmations are, their main benefits, and how to use them, keep on scrolling. You will also get 10 confidence boosting law of attraction affirmations that will get you started!


What Are Law of Attraction Affirmations?

Let’s start with the basics. Law of attraction affirmations are positive statements that make you more in tune with LOA. All of the statements are in the first person and are designed to change your mindset in a positive way. Affirmations also help you to attract anything you want and finally make all of your dreams a reality.


Do Law of Attraction Affirmations Really Work?

If you’re thinking, “Can affirmations really help me to be more positive and manifest anything I want?

The answer is: Yes!

The law of attraction is all about changing your mindset in order to attract love, success, money, or anything else you want. It’s impossible to manifest good things into your life if your thinking is negative. The only thing you’ll get if you focus on negativity is, you guessed it, more negativity!

By repeating positive statements, your thoughts and emotions become positive which is the basis for manifestation. Your beliefs change and attracting abundance becomes easy. That’s how law of attraction affirmations work. There’s also scientific proof that positive affirmations work.

You can use money affirmations to attract more abundance, you can use positive affirmations for relationship problems, or anything else that you can think of.


10 Main Benefits of Reading Law of Attraction Affirmations

If you’re wondering, “How can reading law of attraction affirmations actually help me?” I have put together a list of the top 10 benefits of affirmations.


1.  Promotes Positive Thinking

What positive affirmations in general do is change the way you think. When you read positive statements, you are actually training your brain to think more positively. And, as you know, positive thoughts lead to positive emotions.


2. Boosts Your Confidence

People who are at the beginning of their manifesting journey and have just started practicing the law of attraction often have a lot of issues with their confidence. They want to start attracting amazing things into their life, but they have doubts whether they’re capable enough or whether it will work for them.

Confidence is such an important part of successful manifestation, and the best way to boost your confidence is to get daily positive law of attraction affirmations and read them.


3. Gets Rid of Feelings of Lack

People who have trouble manifesting usually make the same mistake. They try to manifest from a place of lack. That’s simply not possible because that’s not how the law of attraction works.

Before you can successfully attract abundance, you first need to feel the abundance in your life.

You’re probably thinking, “But how can I feel abundance when it’s nonexistent in my life right now?”

Well, the answer is simple: law of attraction affirmations!

Affirmations help you to create that feeling of having even though that might not be your current reality. And as you get rid of those feelings of lack, abundance starts flowing into your life because you’re manifesting from a place of abundance.

It might sound weird, but that’s how the law of attraction works!


4. Reminds You of Important Law of Attraction Concepts

Another cool benefit of reading law of attraction affirmations that might not be that obvious is that it reminds you of main LOA concepts and teachings. There are so many things to learn about the law of attraction and it’s sometimes hard to keep all of that information in your head.

If you read a couple of law of attraction affirmations a day, that will refresh your knowledge and perhaps remind you of some important concepts that you forgot.


5. Changes Your Negative Core Beliefs

Another reason why people have trouble manifesting is wrong or negative core beliefs. These are the beliefs that we usually learn from our parents as children or that have been influenced by the society we live in.  

For example, some people really want to attract their soulmate and manifest love in their life. They practice all the techniques and really focus on it. Sounds great, right?

But nothing happens. Why?

It usually turns out that they have subconscious beliefs about love that are stopping them from attracting it. Some believe deep down that they’re not worthy of love, some believe that love is associated with pain and heartbreak, some have rooted feelings of fear towards being in relationships.

That kind of beliefs can stop you from manifesting what you desire. Law of attraction affirmations have the ability to change those beliefs and create new ones that are more positive.


6. Makes You More Motivated

When the way you think starts to become more positive and optimistic, you start feeling motivated to change your life and move towards fulfilling your dreams.

Without feeling motivated on a day to day basis, it’s impossible to work on your manifestation skills. That’s why if you get daily law of attraction affirmations you can become an LOA master much faster.


7. Inspires You to Take Action

When you’re happy and motivated, you feel inspired to take action. Actually doing things that move you closer to your goal is a big part of manifesting. Although that would be perfect, unfortunately, you can simply sit on your couch, visualize what you want to attract, and then wait for it to appear at your front door. You need to start taking action that will align you with receiving what you asked for.


8. Makes You Manifest Quicker

One of the best benefits of reading law of attraction affirmations is that it enables you to manifest more quickly. Repeating these positive statements daily also helps you with your visualization and keeps you vibrating at a high frequency. And that’s what speeds up the manifestation process the most.


9. Enables You to Allow Abundance into Your Life

The final step of the law of attraction is allowing the thing you attracted into your life. Law of attraction affirmations are a great way to do that because by reading them, you keep a positive mindset and have the confidence that your manifestation will become a reality.

How great is that?

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10. Makes You Feel Grateful

Gratitude is an important part of the law of attraction because it reminds you to cherish all the great things that are going on in your life. Law of attraction affirmations definitely promote the feelings of gratitude.

Since being grateful is so important for manifesting, if you get positive affirmations on a daily basis, it will remind you to feel gratitude.


How to Use the Law of Attraction Affirmations?

If you want to get the most out of law of attraction affirmations, you need to know how to use them properly. Here is a short guide that will help you:


Best Times of the Day for Reading Affirmations

  • In the morning, right after you wake up
  • During the day, when you have a short pause and know you won’t be disturbed
  • At night, right before you fall asleep


How to Read Law of Attraction Affirmations?

First, you need to find affirmations that really resonate with you. You can focus on only a couple, or have a list of 10 or more affirmations.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10-15 minutes. It should be a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Start reading law of attraction affirmations out loud and really focus on every word. As you’re saying these affirmations, really imagine it and notice how it feels. It’s important to evoke emotions when you’re reading affirmations. Repeat each affirmation a couple of times in order to really get into it.

If you happen to memorize some of the affirmations, you can close your eyes and then repeat them. That will help you focus more on what you’re saying.


How Often Should You Read Law of Attraction Affirmations

If you’re wondering how often to repeat affirmations in order to get the most out of them, there is no perfect recipe. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you that repeating 10 affirmations for 30 minutes each day will make you manifest in a week. Nobody can predict that.

But what I can recommend is that you should definitely repeat law of attraction affirmations daily. 5 to 15 minutes should be enough to get you in a positive mindset, but you can definitely do more if you have the time.


10 Law of Attraction Affirmations to Get You Started

Now that you know what are the main benefits of affirmations and how to use them, here are 10 best law of attraction affirmations to get you started. In order to make it easier for you, I have divided the affirmations into two sections: the law of attraction affirmations for love and relationships and money affirmations to attract more abundance.

If you read these positive law of attraction affirmations, your vibration will be raised to a higher frequency. The only way to maintain that is to read affirmations on a daily basis.


Law of Attraction Affirmations for Love and Relationships

These affirmations will help you to attract love and relationships into your life. If you’re trying to manifest your soulmate, don’t skip these affirmations!

1. I attract love in my life effortlessly.

2. My power of manifesting love grows day by day.

3. I attract loving, lasting, and caring relationships into my life.

4. I know that the universe is working for me at all times and will help me find my soulmate.

5. I am surrounded by the infinite love that connects me with the universe.  


Law of Attraction Money Affirmations

If you want to attract more money and wealth, then you need to read these affirmations! The money will soon come pouring in! (For more information about attracting money, I recommend learning from Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, and Mike Dooley.)


1. I am a divine magnet for attracting money and prosperity into my life.

2. Money comes to me in abundance without any effort.

3. My ability to manifest wealth and success is getting better every day.

4. I know and believe in my ability that I have the power to attract money and wealth.

5. My life is filled with abundance.



Let’s recap everything that we have learned in this article. You now know that law of attraction affirmations have tons of benefits like making you feel more positive, optimistic, and motivated. Affirmations also speed up the process of manifestation and help you to become a law of attraction master. You also learned the best way to use them and got 10 inspirational love and money law of attraction affirmations to get you started.

How great is that?

Now you know that having a positive mindset is crucial for manifesting, and reading the law of attraction affirmations is a great way to accomplish that. But affirmations will only work if you repeat them daily.

I also want to know what you think. Do you find law of attraction affirmations inspiring? Make sure to share your favorite law of attraction affirmation in the comment section!

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