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Abraham-Hicks Meditation: Getting Into the Vortex Guided Meditations


Are you looking for simple and effective meditations? Then Abraham-Hicks meditations are the perfect option for you! It doesn’t matter whether you are a real pro at meditating or just a beginner. Our compilation of the best Abraham-Hicks meditations from the Getting Into the Vortex CD will help you jump over to a new level of well-being. After reading this article you will know exactly what to do, when to do it and how.

Are you already eager to try out these Abraham-Hicks meditations? Just one more thing before we continue. It is extremely important to understand that meditation sessions are a powerful tool that can help boost nearly every part of your life. But you have to realize exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to vary your meditations depending on what you are striving for that particular day.

With that said, let our journey begin.

Meditation: Why Should You Even Bother?

Meditation has become a very popular practice. Especially, over the last few years with this healthy lifestyle boom. Nowadays it is cool and fashionable to be into meditation. And that’s the exact reason why a lot of people neglect this practice.

Don’t be fooled. Meditation is not only about sitting with your eyes closed on a pretty carpet, dressed in bright clothes with a green smoothie standing next to you. Think of it as a workout for your mind. While we like to focus on how our body looks, we shouldn’t forget about paying attention to our mind as well.

Meditation is not about turning your feelings and thoughts off and sailing straight to Nothingland. This practice is about letting your thoughts flow freely, without any judgments or evaluations. With the help of meditation, you are training your awareness. Moreover, over time you will be able to achieve that healthy sense of perspective.

What are the other benefits of meditation?

  •         Anxiety control.

  •         Stress reduction.

  •         Memory loss reduction.

  •         Sleep improvement.

  •         Pain control.

  •         Blood pressure decrease.

  •         Attention span improvement.

  •         Emotional health.

  •         Self-awareness enhancement.

  •         Stress eating elimination.

Meditation has the power to improve your general well-being. It will help you lead a more successful and happy life, achieve your goals and enjoy life.

Unfortunately, all these lists of benefits can’t really show you what an amazing tool meditation is.

So why not take a look at the story of Esther Hicks? Let’s travel in time a little to find out how the whole thing with Abraham-Hicks meditations started.

Trust us, it is a wonderful tale full of inspiration, motivation, and love.


Esther Hicks & Meditation

It was thanks to Jerry Hicks that his wife, Esther, became interested in the law of attraction, positive thinking and non-physical entities that can contact with the world through real people. In fact, the couple was so into the whole thing that they decided to meet Sheila Gillette and the non-physical entity that was communicating with her named Theo.


It was the late 60s – early 70s. Even today a lot of people are skeptical about such a thing as ‘channeling’. Imagine what it was like back then?
Sheila happily welcomed the Hicks and let Esther speak to Theo through her.

The woman’s first question was “What can we do to achieve our goals faster?
Theo answered “Affirmations and meditation”.

Esther Hicks had little knowledge about meditation. She found the whole process strange and awkward. But Theo told her exactly what to do. Moreover, this was the day when Esther was told for the first time that she was a channel herself.

This whole experience left a strong and positive impression on the Hicks. As soon as Esther got home, she decided that she would start to meditate for 15 minutes every day.
In order, not to let any thought interrupt the process, Esther would focus on her breaths.
After the first couple of minutes, she felt a new tingly sensation in her body. Once the 15 minutes passed, Esther decided to repeat everything once again, this time with her husband. And then again…

Esther Hicks admits that after the third session she felt something greater than her inside the lungs.
It was ‘breathing’ her. The woman had no idea what was happening. The feeling certainly was frightening. But also wonderful.

This episode was Esther’s first ever contact with Abraham. And all that – thanks to meditation.


What happened next?

It took Esther 9 months of daily meditations before the first real communication episode with Abraham.

During a meditation session in 1985
, Esther’s head began to gently move uncontrollably. It was as if she was trying to write something with her nose. Esther thought that the whole thing wasn’t a big deal, because the overall sensation was pleasant.
On the third or fourth time, Esther realized that she was actually writing something in the air. The woman understood that she is not in control of the movement.
Something spelled:

I’m Abraham. I am your spiritual guide. I love you and I’m here to work with you”.

Two months later, Esther learned to type what Abraham was saying

That was the beginning of a new beautiful chapter…


Getting Into the Vortex

Esther and Jerry Hicks have written 9 books together. But Getting Into the Vortex is the one completely dedicated to meditation. To a practice that drastically changed the lives of the couple forever.
In fact, Getting Into the Vortex is more like a user guide that comes with a guided meditations CD.

Abraham helped Esther understand that our daily goal has to be getting into our vortex. Basically, that means coming into alignment with the energy from our personal source. After all, we are all Energy, living in our physical bodies. If we manage to establish a strong connection with the bigger non-physical part around us, we will be able to reach true happiness.

The CD includes four guided daily meditations. And it is so incredibly easy to get into meditation with these lessons.
Firstly, each session is around 15 minutes. You will surely be able to find a quarter of an hour for yourself during the day.
Secondly, the meditations are different. Which one should you choose? It depends on what you need! Do you want to focus on your physical well-being, financial well-being, relationships or your general well-being? Only the meditations curated for your personal needs will help you achieve your ultimate goals.


It’s Time to Meditate!

How to prepare yourself for the session?


It is important to understand that when it comes to meditation, there are no strict rules. But there are some recommendations that will surely help you. Especially, at the beginning of your journey.


  •         Find a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed (you can use different relaxation techniques). You surely won’t be able to meditate, if there is constant noise around you. Switch off all the gadgets. Don’t be afraid to be out of reach for only 15 minutes.
  •         It is important to wear comfortable clothes. The idea is to try and let your thoughts flow freely. And how will you manage to do that, if your pants, for example, are too tight and you are constantly thinking about it?
  •         It’s fine if your mind is wandering. After all, meditation is just like any other technique. You will learn with the help of daily exercises and devotion. Our job here is to enter a state where you stop controlling your mind.
  •         You can start your meditation session by saying one of these phrasesDear Spirit, show me what I need to know” or “Dear Spirit, reveal yourself to me”.
    That certainly does not mean that you want a non-physical entity to begin talking through you after the session is over. You are looking for guidance and answers and you don’t really care in which forms they will open to you, right?

Many might find meditation boring. But that simply means that they are doing the whole thing wrong. You certainly do have to be in the right mood. But changing things up a little bit every day is essential for keeping you excited for the session. Moreover, different meditations are not only more ‘fun’, each day you will be choosing a new session depending on your needs. And that will surely help the whole process be much more effective

(NOTEWant to listen to curated and specific meditation sessions for your needs? Try this ultimate free tool to receive every day the exact meditation you need, based on what you want to attract and manifest in your life.)

What’s next?

This is what Abraham has to say in the introduction to Getting Into the Vortex.

“From your human perspective, you often believe that you must work hard to overcome obstacles and satisfy shortages and solve the problems that are before you; but often, in that attitude or approach, you work against yourself without realizing it. Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn; attention to shortages makes them bigger and prolongs them—and attention to a problem prevents any immediate resolution or solution.

As you listen to our guided meditation recording,

giving your attention to your breathing and to the natural rhythm of your body, any problematic Vibrational activation will simply cease to be. And, in the absence of that resistance, your Vibration will naturally begin to rise until it will align with the higher Vibration of the very solutions you have been longing for.

In the absence of longing, in the absence of doubt—in the absence of obstacles and shortages and problems—will be the solutions and abundance that you seek. And the evidence of your Vibrational shift will become obvious in two ways: first, you will feel better; and next, physical evidence of financial improvement will begin flowing to you from a variety of different directions”.

Now the time has come to choose what exactly do you need today from your guided meditation?

Would it be financial abundance?

Physical well-being?

Healthy relationships?

General well-being?

Why is it important to turn meditation into a daily ritual?

Just as athletes practice every day to make sure that their muscles are in the best shape possible, we can train our mind to attract well-being, abundance, and success. You will be able to get exactly what you want, but with the help of daily ‘workouts’.
Remember to listen closely to your needs and use the right type of meditation for them. And then you will be able to finally get what you deserve and what you truly desire. 

By the way, what are your ultimate meditation tips? Maybe, you find that morning meditation works better for you? Or you make sure to tick all the points off your to-do list before settling down for these 15 peaceful minutes?
Share your experience with us!



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