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Abraham Hicks Vortex: Why Do You Need to Get Into It?

We are extremely lucky. Certainly, there are exceptions. But, all-in-all, we all lead good quality lives. We don’t need to fight with other people or animals in order to survive. Whether we are going to eat today or not does not depend on the weather conditions. We don’t suffer from terrifying diseases that take the lives of millions and millions of people.

Our 21st century is a wonderful time. We focus on personal development and on making our lives significant and purposeful.
Unfortunately, the absolute majority of us fail. And suffer because of that.

But what if I tell you that there is a teaching/a set of beliefs and exercises (it doesn’t really matter, how you want to call it) that will help you find your purpose? Something that has the power to fill your life with happiness and meaning?

And all you need to do to finally be satisfied with the way you live is get into the vortex! Sounds a bit strange and crazy, right?

Let’s start this article with the explanation of what exactly this Abraham-Hicks’ vortex is. Who is this Abraham anyways? Why should you do everything you can to try and get into the vortex? And, finally, we will show you exactly what you need to do to enter.

The journey that will help you change your life forever begins right now.


Who or What Is Abraham-Hicks?

Esther Hicks was just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life. But one day she met her future husband, Jerry. The person that became her inspiration and her first teacher. Jerry is the exact person who explained Esther the power of the law of attraction.

At first, the woman found it hard to believe in all these magical things that Jerry liked to talk about. The idea that every person can easily form his own reality and make all his dreams come true… This just sounds too surreal.

Thankfully, Jerry Hicks was persuasive enough. Esther really liked this whole ‘law of attraction’ story and became Jerry’s soulmate.
But there was yet so much more to come…

At one point in her life, Esther started meditating. During one of the first sessions, she experienced a tingly sensation in her body. Esther thought that’s just how meditation works and didn’t pay much attention to the incident. But the same sensation continued, until one day Esther Hicks started subconsciously drawing letters with her nose. It felt like someone wanted to deliver something through Esther…

Later on, Esther learned to interpret what the wise entity wanted to say. She named it ‘Abraham’.

Some people like to call Esther ‘a channel’ as she can communicate with some power or energy.

It is up to you whether to believe that or not, but all the things that Abraham says via Esther truly do deserve your attention.

-The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy.

-You are a creator & you create with your every thought.

-You cannot die & you are everlasting life.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have co-written 9 inspirational Abraham Hicks books.

Moreover, Abraham-Hicks’ teachings became the basis for The Secret book and movie.
It is understandable if you want to get to know only the main ideas from the books. But you have to bear in mind that only by performing daily law of attraction exercises you will be able to see the results.


What is the Vortex?

The Vortex. Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships» came out in 2009 and became a real breakthrough. Esther and Jerry Hicks introduced ‘the Vortex’. A special ‘place’ that we all need to enter in order to be happy. The reason why we are uncomfortable with our relationships and, all-in-all, lives is simply because we are yet to discover our way into the vortex.

Usually, by ‘vortex’ people mean a region in some fluid where the flow revolves and revolves… It is a great image for those who want to figure out what the vortex from the Abraham-Hicks’ teachings stands for and what it feels like.

The vortex certainly is a vibrational state made up of purely positive energy. It is the place where all your dreams and desires live, waiting for the right moment to come true.

Why should you want to get into the vortex?

The answer is extremely simple. It just feels good. Being in the vortex means experiencing the best emotions that you possibly can. We all have had at least one moment in our lives when everything around just felt right. That feeling of peacefulness, calmness, happiness… If you’re in the vortex, you are constantly experiencing all of that. You’re in the perfect alignment with your own energy and the energy of the Universe.

But being in the vortex is not only about the feeling. It is also about action.

If you’re inside, it means that you inspired. You feel that everything is possible and you know what exactly you have to do to make things happen. Moreover, you finally realize that you have enough power to make all your dreams come true. And it feels so right.

Sounds great, don’t you think?

But here is the ultimate question: what exactly do you have to do to get into the vortex?
Simply wanting to enter the flow is, unfortunately, not enough. But there are simple and effective exercises that you can perform in order to get into the desired state.


Getting Into the Vortex: A Step-by-Step Guide

Remember the last time you felt good? When it seemed like the whole world is on your side? Now try to analyze this state. What kind of people/events/things made you feel that way? The answer to the question is your easiest path into the vortex. To be able to get there over and over again, you have to remind yourself what these great moments of your life feel like.


  • Think about the things you love.

You might find it tricky to get into the vortex simply by thinking about yourself. That’s totally fine. Think about your beloved person, a friend, even your pet. Feel that warmth and happiness flow through your whole body, when you think about someone you love. That’s it. You’re inside the vortex.


  • Focus on the positive.

Yes, we live in a rational world. We are used to evaluating everything around us; used to thinking about the pros and cons. When you’re focusing on the positive stuff (like in the previous example), you are inside the vortex. But as soon as you switch to the negative things, the flow spits you out.

You can’t think about the unwanted and simultaneously be in the vortex. It’s a rule that is impossible to break.
If you truly want to become a law of attraction guru, then you have to start from figuring out how does the LOA work and what are the rules that you have to follow in order to make all your dreams come true.


  • Affirmations.

There are a lot of small things that you can take into consideration that will help you quickly get into the vortex. Affirmations, for example. Always have at least a couple of those up your sleeve. Whenever you feel like you need some help in getting into the perfect alignment with the Universe – use your favorite affirmations.


  • Meditating

The exact thing that helped Esther Hicks herself get into the vortex in the first place. Meditation can easily become your everyday habit. Something that you like to begin your day with. Only 10-15 minutes every morning will help you get in the flow and maintain this mood throughout the whole day.
You should certainly try the Getting Into the Vortex guided meditations!


  • Bathing.

Taking a shower or a bath is actually an extremely powerful psychological tool. Certainly, it is difficult for you to focus only on the positive things straight away. And it’s a great idea to have a quick shower every time something bad strikes you. The important part is to imagine how the negative emotions are leaving your soul and body together with the water. Sometimes even simply washing your hands can make a huge difference.


  • Sleeping.

Our dreams are the perfect place where the conscious and subconscious meet. To truly get into the vortex, you have to be able to use all the levels of your mind. A good night’s sleep or even a quick nap can easily help you get rid of the negativity and reset your overall attitude whenever you need it.


  • Music.

Sometimes all you need to do to get into the vortex is switch on your favorite song! Feel the great vibes going through your body?

It looks like you have found your way in!


  • Exercising.

Repeating a certain action is a powerful anti-stress tool. Running, for example, helps you forget about the surrounding reality and focus on your heartbeat, breathing rate and the thoughts that really matter. Use these techniques to get into the flow.


What’s Next?

Of course, it would have been wonderful, if we all could permanently stay in the vortex. Unfortunately, there are different life situations and mental barriers that are preventing you from living your happily ever after.

Learning about the different law of attraction techniques and starting to use them in your daily life should become your first step towards getting into the vortex.

It’s always great to know that there is such a place, where all our dreams come true and where  you can be eternally happy. And the fact that every single one of us is constantly creating such a sacred place on his own is truly inspiring.

How do you personally get into the vortex? Have you ever managed to stay there for long? Share your tips with us!

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