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What Is the Best Law of Attraction Book? Find Out Now!

So you’ve heard about the law of attraction and now you want to know everything about it? What is this mysterious law about, how does it work, and can you really manifest anything you want?

A great way to get all of those questions answered is to read books written by the best law of attraction authors. Even if you’re not a complete beginner when it comes to manifesting, you always benefit from reading a great law of attraction book. There are always new techniques to be learned and amazing teachers to get inspired by.

If you’re looking for a life-changing law of attraction book, whether it’s for beginners, more advanced practitioners, or specific literature for attracting money or love, I have got you covered! In this article, you will read many summaries and introductions to some of the most popular law of attraction books from the best teachers and gurus out there. If you’re a bookworm, you’ll love this!

Top 5 Benefits of Reading a Law of Attraction Book

If you’re wondering why you should read a law of attraction book and how can that help you with your manifesting efforts, I have put together a list of 5 benefits that you get instantly.


1. You Learn What Law of Attraction Is About

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to manifesting and using LOA, reading a law of attraction book is a great idea. You will get familiar with the basic concepts of what law of attraction actually is and how it can be used as a powerful life-changing tool.

When it comes to manifesting for beginners, it’s important to get as much information as you can from different sources. Another great way of getting insight into the law of attraction besides reading books is to sign up for our free exercises. They’re designed specifically to help you manifest and get a better understanding of the LOA techniques.


2. You Learn Powerful Law of Attraction Techniques

Even if you understand the basic concepts behind manifesting, by reading a law of attraction book, you can learn many different techniques that will be useful throughout your journey.

Although the main principles are very similar in all books, each law of attraction teacher has its own unique methods he/she developed. That’s why getting your hands on a couple of different books is a great idea.


3. You Get Motivated

If you lack the motivation to start practicing the law of attraction techniques, reading will definitely help. There’s nothing better than a well-written law of attraction book to inspire you and get you going!


4. You Hear Experiences from Law of Attraction Gurus

Since every law of attraction book is written by people who have tried these techniques themselves and succeeded, you will hear a lot of amazing experiences and personal success stories.


5. You Get Help in Tough Times

If you’re caught up in negative thinking or start doubting this whole process, reading a good law of attraction book will get you back on track. You will start feeling more positive and get the needed strength to continue.

Law of Attraction Books for Beginners

Let’s start by finding the best law of attraction book for all the beginners out there. There are many great ones, so make sure you read all of my law of attraction book reviews.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret is so mind-blowingly popular that even people who don’t practice the law of attraction have heard about it. It is hands down the most read book on this topic and it got so many people into manifesting.

The beauty of Rhonda Byrne’s writing is that it’s so simple and straightforward which makes it the perfect law of attraction book for beginners, even though more advanced readers can also benefit from it. It’s definitely one of the best law of attraction books for beginners.

Another great thing is that there’s a movie made about The Secret which is perfect for those are not huge readers.


Abraham Hicks Books

Although some parts are quite advanced, Abraham Hicks books are also recommended for beginners who want to grasp the basic LOA concepts. You got many books to choose from including Ask and It Is Given, (which I personally recommend), Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, The Vortex, and others.

What’s unique about these books is that they’re written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, but all the knowledge comes from Abraham, a non-physical being that’s the infinite source. Esther Hicks channels Abraham and puts it all in book form in order to spread The Teachings of Abraham all around the world.

By reading Abraham Hicks books, you can get familiar with the most basic three-step process for manifestation which is ask, it will then be given, so simply allow. But that’s not quite enough for becoming a manifesting expert. You need to learn more law of attraction techniques only the true masters know about. I recommend that you use our law of attraction tool that will provide you with everything you need to know in order to manifest your dreams.


Master Key System by Charles Haanel

This is an older law of attraction book from 1916, but it’s still very much valuable. An interesting fact about the Master Key System is that it was one of the main books that Rhonda Byrne used for inspiration for The Secret book and movie.

Master Key System is a very spiritual book and that’s what makes it so special. The law of attraction concepts are intertwined with some Christian beliefs which is proof that you can be religious and still practice LOA.

Charles Haanel’s Master Key System is a true law of attraction classic which I recommend to everybody, especially beginners.

Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Jack Canfield

What makes Jack Canfield an amazing LOA author is his writing style. He is a famous motivational speaker which definitely translates well to his writing and results in well-written, motivational self-help books that are a treat for anybody who’s interested in changing their life for the better.

Although he has written many best-selling books, Key to Living the Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams is definitely the best one for anyone who wants to learn the basics of how LOA works.

Jack Canfield leads you through a simple-to-follow manifestation process that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. And that’s why Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction is such a great book, especially for those of you who are new to LOA.


Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic by Mike Dooley

Those of you who are looking for practical self-help advice should definitely consider reading Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley. This law of attraction book leads you through different techniques in 7 simple steps that even beginners can easily follow. It’s an overall great self-help book for anyone who wants to overcome the negativity in their life and start attracting success and abundance.

Apart from Leveraging the Universe, there are other amazing Mike Dooley books like Notes from the Universe, Infinite Possibilities, and Life on Earth. Mike Dooley also does a great job of explaining how the law of attraction actually works and some science behind it which is very helpful to beginners.

Here is a cool Mike Dooley quote: “There are only 3 things that can make your dreams come true: your thoughts, your words, and your actions.”

If you want to use your thoughts, words, and actions to make your dreams come true, you should first understand the basic law of attraction techniques.


Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t by Michael Losier

If you’re looking for a simple, no BS law of attraction book, then you need to read Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction. It is so incredibly simple, concise, and to the point, which is what every beginner needs. You won’t get any complicated, conceptual explanations of what manifesting is, but a beginner’s guide on how to incorporate the law of attraction in your daily life and start succeeding in life. I have read it a couple of times and it still manages to surprise me.

Law of Attraction by Michael Losier is the ultimate how-to book for anyone who wants to learn the basic techniques and start manifesting now.

Best Law of Attraction Books for Manifesting Money

If you know some basic law of attraction techniques and want to focus on something a bit more specific like manifesting money, then you should definitely check out these incredible books.

These are some of the best law of attraction books for manifesting money that you will definitely love.


The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich is among the older books on this list, but that’s what makes it an ageless classic. Wallace Wattles believes that there’s a real science behind getting rich and explains the process in a very straightforward way.

This law of attraction book is filled with practical advice that you can apply right now in order to start manifesting money, abundance, and wealth. Wallace Wattles emphasizes that everybody has the right to be rich and that you don’t need a special talent to achieve that.


Wealth Beyond Reason by Bob Doyle

If you want to learn the basics of money and the law of attraction, then Wealth Beyond Reason is a great book to start with. Bob Doyle teaches you how to change your mindset in order to start attracting wealth into your life.

Bob recognizes the importance of our beliefs about money and some of the limiting thoughts we often have that are stopping us from being wealthy. He teaches you how to live your dream life and overcome the negative.

To give you a taste of the book, here’s a great inspirational quote, “Wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of your consciousness and awareness into the wealthy parts of yourSelf.”


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is one of the biggest bestsellers of all time, (and not just in the law of attraction niche), with over 100 million copies sold.

How crazy is that?

That speaks volumes about how good and timeless this book is. It’s truly a classic book that anybody who is interested in the law of attraction and self-help should read. Although it was written in 1937, this law of attraction book is still fresh and up to date with interesting concepts, philosophies, and techniques.

The reason why Napoleon Hill’s techniques actually work is that he had done a unique thing among self-help writers. He actually studied incredibly wealthy people; their habits, ways of thinking, behavior, beliefs, and actions. From these studies, he extracted 13 laws or steps that he presented in Think and Grow Rich.

So if you want to learn how to get rich from the person who has studied many wealthy people and their habits, then you need to read this masterpiece.

You Were Born Rich: How to Unleash Your Ultimate Potential by Bob Proctor

What Bob Proctor emphasizes in his amazing law of attraction book You Were Born Rich, is that all of us have the potential to be rich. In order words, all of us are born to be rich, we simply need to learn how to unleash that potential.

Here’s a great quote from You Were Born Rich: “The trouble with those of us who fail to achieve what we desire, is not that we lack the ability to do so, but that we lack the faith implicit in the “Let Go And Let God” principle, which dictates whatever is necessary for us to reach our goal will indeed occur.”

Bob Proctor also teaches you why money is important, how to define your money goals, and how to allow riches into your life.


The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde

In this awesome book with a very catchy name, Stuart Wilde explains the ten laws of abundance. You will learn how to change your attitude towards money, align yourself with abundance, and attract good fortune.

The main message of The Little Money Bible is that you can be spiritual and wealthy, those two are not in any kind of contradiction, which is what people often believe end then wonder why they’re not manifesting money. Just like Stuart Wilde says, you have to change your mindset if you want to attract prosperity. The quickest way to change the way you think and get into the mindset for success is to receive law of attraction exercises designed to help you change your views about money and manifest wealth quickly..

(NOTE – Want to find out the most important teachings from The Little Money Bible book? Try this ultimate free tool and you will receive the best advices and tips from The Little Money Bible book and other similar LOA books, in order for you to attract everything you want into your life.)


Best Law of Attraction Books for Attracting Love

Do you want to learn how to attract love and relationships and live a fulfilled life? If your answer is “yes”, then you need to read a law of attraction book that teaches you how to do just that.


The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships by Abraham Hicks

If you’re interested in improving your relationships, then The Vortex by Abraham Hicks is a great choice. What’s great about this Abraham Hicks book is that it not only teaches you how to attract love into your life, but it gives you the tool to understand all of your current and past relationships. That includes romantic relationships, relationships with family, friends, coworkers etc.

“It is our desire to help you to solve the mystery of those seemingly impossible relationships; to sort out the details of joyously sharing your planet with billions of others; to rediscover the beauty of your differences; and, most of all, to reestablish the most important relationship of all: your relationship with the Eternal, Non-Physical Source that is really you.”

The reason why that’s important is that you first need to examine what was good and bad in all of your relationships in order to figure out what’s a perfect relationship for you. That way, you can attract a romantic relationship that’s right for you, instead of trying to attract someone like your ex. Also, Esther and Abraham emphasize the importance of having a good relationship with your inner self which is the basis of everything.

Law of Attraction: Love and Relationships by Greg Adenauer

One of the best law of attraction books on love is certainly Love and Relationships by Greg Adenauer. It is one of the rare books that deals specifically with law of attraction and love.

In this book, you will learn how to attract better and more fulfilling relationships and how to improve your existing relationships. People usually think that LOA can be used only for attracting love and new relationships, but that’s not the case. You can also use these techniques to improve communication with your current partner, be more kind and loving, and understand him/her better. The real beauty of law of attraction is that you can apply it to every area of your life.

So if you want to have that perfect relationship, I really recommend that you read Greg Adenauer’s book.


Meeting Your Half-Orange by Amy Spencer

If your main goal is to attract your soulmate and live that happily-ever-after life, then you must read Amy Spencer’s book Meeting Your Half-Orange.

This book will inspire you and restore your faith in love and romance.

Law of Attraction Books for Advanced Readers

If you have read The Secret and most of the other books that are recommended in this article and want to delve deeper, I have some amazing law of attraction books for advanced readers. This is for all of you who know all the basics and want to learn more advanced law of attraction techniques.


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza

A book that I really enjoyed reading was Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It’s not a typical law of attraction book, but that’s what makes it so good. Joe Dispenza explains the law of attraction through facts about neuroscience, quantum physics, brain chemistry, and biology which is very interesting.

If you’re interested in law of attraction physics and science, then this book is definitely for you. Dispenza explains how our brains actually work and how to reprogram your mind by using the law of attraction techniques.

What I really liked about this book is that you get access to amazing guided meditations that help you through this process.


The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard

Another great law of attraction book that is a bit more science based. The Power of Awareness explores the nature of our consciousness, awareness, and imagination.

Neville Goddard was a true mystic with great insights into the law of attraction and his books are definitely worth reading.

But if you’re really serious about becoming the master of manifesting, then just reading books is not enough. You should get law of attraction exercises and practice them daily in order to be as successful as authors like Neville Goddard.

Other Must-Read Law of Attraction Books

  • The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief by Gregg Braden
  • The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True! by Bonni Lonnsburry
  • The Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford
  • Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body by Jon Gabriel
  • The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price



It’s hard to determine what is the best law of attraction book, but I hopefully provided you with tons of different books you can choose from. Every author is different and has a unique view on this topic which makes reading books interesting.

What is your favorite law of attraction book? If you think there are other books that should’ve been included in this list, let me know in the comments below!

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