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Bob Doyle: Powerful Tips from the Law of Attraction Guru

Are you searching for amazing law of attraction techniques that will change your life forever? If you’re in need of great advice on how to attract relationships, wealth, and career, you have come to the right place! We have put together powerful tips and tricks from Bob Doyle, LOA expert.

Learning how to manifest things in your life is not always easy. Especially if you don’t have enough knowledge about the subject. That’s why learning from the masters like Bob Doyle is extremely important, especially if you’re interested in how to attract money. It will enable you to become the master of the law of attraction and live a more fulfilled existence.

In this article, you will learn all you ever wanted to know about Bob Doyle, the law of attraction guru, techniques and tips from his best books, as well as amazing quotes we have put together that will inspire you to take action now!

Everything You Need To Know About Bob Doyle

Most of you have probably heard about Bob Doyle in the movie The Secret, where he was featured as one of the law of attraction teachers. Bob Doyle, author of Wealth Beyond Reason and Follow Your Passion, is an expert in the field. His goal is to teach the law of attraction in a simple, clean, and scientific way.

You might wonder, “What led Bob Doyle to start implementing the law of attraction in his own life and teach others?”

Well, he had a comfortable corporate job that earned him a lot of money, but he was feeling empty, uninspired and unfulfilled. One day, he decided to risk it all and quit. He started a journey towards living a more joyous and content life.

Although he was in a very bad situation money-wise and was almost broke, he practiced the law of attraction and the first results came the moment he let go and let the universe lead him to the right path.

Because he has successfully tested his LOA theories in his own life, Bob started teaching it to other people and helping them. Since Bob was becoming a prominent LOA influencer, he was invited to share his knowledge in Rhonda Byrne’s documentary The Secret. His fame grew and he is now a very successful author and teacher.

If you’re inspired by this story and want to get into Bob Doyle mindset for success, you might want to check and enjoy more tips from the top law of attraction influencers!

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Inspirational Bob Doyle Books

If you’re interested in money and the law of attraction, you should definitely consider reading Bob Doyle books.

Here are the two most famous ones:

Wealth Beyond Reason: Mastering the Law of Attraction

In this amazing law of attraction book, Bob Doyle emphasizes that learning how the universe work and how we can use it to our advantage is the key to ending all struggles and living a more content life. He presents the basics of money and the law of attraction that are perfect for beginners, as well as more advanced LOA students.

Follow Your Passion, Find your Power: Everything You Need To Know About the Law of Attraction

If you want to find out how to make the law of attraction work for you in your own life, you should consider reading this great Bob Doyle book. 

Although books like The Secret have made a lot of people interested in LOA, many of them are still struggling to make it work and are looking for more techniques and tips. Bob Doyle is one of the Secret teachers and his mission is to provide people with knowledge and practical advice for manifesting.

Isn’t that great?

This book is great for beginners because it’s very straightforward and inspirational.

Those of you who are really busy and don’t have the time right now to read these Bob Doyle books might be interested in hearing shorter but valuable techniques from the law of attraction gurus like Bob Doyle and many others.

10 Best Bob Doyle Teachings

What makes Bob Doyle an amazing law of attraction teacher is that he understands that people are often confused by it and wants to make it really simple for everyone. The last thing he wants to do with his teaching work and books is to confuse people and make it hard for them to manifest.

So if you’re looking for simple, straightforward advice on how law attraction works and how to use it for your benefit, make sure to carefully read these main Bob Doyle teachings we have put together just for you:

1. Energy Attracts Like Energy

The cool thing about Bob Doyle is that he explains a lot of law of attraction concepts using basic physics. So his concepts are not made up of a bunch of hard to understand spiritual words that might confuse you.

Bob explains that everything around us is energy, including you, and your energy resonates with the universe. Simply put, the energy you put out in the universe attracts more of the same kind of energy.

So what do you think happens when you resonate in a positive frequency?

That’s right, you attract more positive energy into your life. It’s that simple.

2. The Law of Attraction Is Always In Motion

Another important point Bob Doyle makes in his teaching is that law of attraction is always happening in the universe, whether you use it or not. It is not affected by you believing in it or not. So why not use it to your advantage?

3. Money Is Not Real

In Wealth Beyond Reason, one of Bob Doyle books, he makes an interesting statement, “Money is not real.” Here’s what he means by that: money simply represents value, and we are the ones that put value on things. Objects do not have value in nature, we are the ones who consider them valuable.

4. Wealth Consciousness

Bob Doyle says, “You require nothing outside of yourself to increase your wealth consciousness, and therefore your money.” He believes that you have wealth within you, all you need to do is expand your consciousness into the wealthy part of yourself.

You have wealth capability within you already, and it’s infinite.  

How cool is that?

5. The Right to Be Rich

Although many religions have thought us that poverty is a virtue, the fact is that no one can live a successful life without being rich. Our personal development requires money, we need it to grow and afford things. There is nothing wrong with that – you have the right to be rich.

When you don’t have to worry about paying your bills, or what you’re going to eat tomorrow, you have the time and opportunity to develop yourself mentally and spiritually. This is why money gives you the opportunity to be the best person that you can be.

If you’re interested in how to attract money, you should also check out You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor

6. Be Aware of Your Subconscious Beliefs

Bob Doyle says, “Whatever appears in creation is really just a product of intelligence. Everything came from the same intelligence.”

That means you are also a part of that intelligence and everything that exists cannot operate separately from it.

But along the way, we have lost our connection with that universal intelligence and life became hard, a real struggle. We have lost our direction.

The way to get back to that guiding intelligence is to correct your subconscious beliefs. Many times, that’s the reason why people can’t manifest. For example, you say you want to have a lot of money and wealth. But subconsciously, you’re maybe afraid that people will think that you’re all about material things. Or maybe the fear is that you will lose that money and won’t be able to manage it.

Become aware and correct those subconscious beliefs and attracting money and abundance will become much easier.

7. The Truth about Feelings

In some law of attraction teachings, there is this sense that we should be happy and positive all the time. Any negative emotions are frowned upon.

Here’s what happens when you are told that you should be positive all the time

  • You suppress your emotions
  • Lie to yourself and others
  • Start manifesting negative things

Negative emotions have an important purpose, they guide us and can tell us a lot about our subconscious mind. That doesn’t mean that you should strive to be negative. But simply acknowledge those feelings when they happen and don’t judge them.

8. Closing the Abundance Gap

The abundance gap in your life is usually filled with all kind of negative subconscious beliefs, experiences, and traumas you might have experienced. The key is to define that gap i.e. those beliefs that are preventing you from attracting money, relationships, or career.

The best way to deal with this is to simply write it down on a piece of paper or on your computer. What is your wealth gap? What is your relationship gap? And so on.

9. What If I’m Not Sure What to Manifest?

Are you sometimes a bit unsure of your life purpose and ultimate goal? All of us experience that, but Bob Doyle provides a great and simple technique for finding that out.

If you’re not sure what your dream job is or what kind of relationship you want, simply write down how your perfect day should look like. Ask yourself, “What is the first thing I do when I wake up? What kind of activities am I doing throughout the day? Who am I spending the day with? How does that person make me feel?”

Write it all down in detail and many of the answers will become clear.

10. Live Your Dream Life

Let go and start living your dream life. Don’t be afraid or unsure – you deserve to be happy, content, fulfilled, wealthy, and abundant.

If you found these Bob Doyle teachings useful, you can expand your knowledge with more powerful tips and advice from the experts in the law of attraction field, including Bob Doyle.

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10 Amazing Bob Doyle Quotes

1. “Understanding how your world comes into being, and your exact role in it, is what shall begin to get you out of the trap of suffering and shortage and into freedom and abundance.”

2.“Your thoughts literally shift the universe on a particle-by-particle basis to create your physical life.”

3.“Everything you see started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until it grew enough into a physical object through any number of ‘manufacturing’ or ‘growth’ steps.”

4.“Spirit and Mind puts together this energy into the physical shape you are used to seeing with your limited set of senses.”

5. “Your world is made of spirit, mind and body.”

6.“Money is not real.”

7.“Wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of your consciousness and awareness into the wealthy parts of your Self.”

8.“The man who owns all he wants for the living of all the life he is capable of living is rich; and no man who has not plenty of money can have all he wants.”

9.“There are three motives for which we live; we live for the body, we live for the mind, we live for the soul.”

10.“I somehow let go of my old beliefs about money, installed new ones, and now my finances are so amazingly different that I am often in awe that I have so much.”


Bob Doyle is truly an expert in this field and has helped a lot of people manifest their goals and dreams. What makes his teaching so popular is that it’s very simple, straightforward, and can be applied instantly.

Did you find Bob Doyle’s story inspirational? What tips did you find the most useful? If you think that we have missed some of the important Bob Doyle techniques, let us know in the comments below!

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