How To Discover Your Core Values and Live By Them

What’s most important to you?

Now, really think of this question and try to answer it. Although it sounds like a no-brainer, many people have to stop and think to be able to give an answer.

Are you one of them?

Then you need to review your core values.

In fact, most people don’t know what’s most important to them. The biggest reason: we are strongly influenced by what society, media and people around us value. This messes up our perception big time.

A vision board is a manifestation tool that helps you stay focused on what’s most important to you regardless of the external influences. The powerful vision board quotes along with the collage of images that represent your vision keep your eyes on the prize.

But how to determine what deserves your focus the most?

By knowing your core values! These fundamental beliefs shape your desires, goals, behavior, relationships with others… In other words, they are your internal compass.

It’s hard to make a personal core values list just like that. Without undergoing a guided discovery process, it’s challenging to determine your exact core values.

In this article, we’ll help you discover your core values and unleash your full manifestation potential!


What Are Core Values?

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. There are many different types of core values in the world, depending upon the context.” – Your Dictionary

Types of core values include family core values, professional core values, core values of a company, core values in the workplace and etc. They shape how you process things, interact with others, as well as the way you behave or do work.

You can have an endless list of core values, but there will be some so important that will remain the same regardless of what’s happening around you. These are your top core values.

In a few words, the core values reflect WHO YOU ARE! They are not about doing or having something. Core values are about BEING.

So, let’s see who is really hiding behind the other side of the screen.

Do you desire so many things that you have trouble deciding what you want to achieve first? Define your exact core values and we guarantee you will recognize which desires are the closest to your heart. Go ahead and find out your biggest priorities!


Here are 20 examples of core values to better understand what these values can include:

  • Power
  • Stimulation
  • Hedonism
  • Security
  • Loyalty
  • Tradition
  • Open-mindedness
  • Dependability
  • Consistency
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • Achievement
  • Fitness
  • Courage
  • Patriotism
  • Service to others
  • Education
  • Passion
  • Positivity
  • Motivation


Where do Core Values Come From?

    • Parents (Without a doubt your parents have influenced your core values the most. The things they have said to you, especially by the age of 5, the way they raised you and their actions shaped your core values.)
    • Significant Other Adults (Throughout life, especially during your childhood and teenage years there must’ve been people around you that you modeled yourself after. Your school teachers, close members of your family, coaches and etc also have impacted your core values.
    • Friends (When you started going to school, your friends became an important part of your life. You wanted to fit in so you started to live by and behave according to the core values of the group. That’s why it’s very important for teenagers to choose their friends wisely and carefully)
    • The environment you grew in and your surroundings (The type of the environment you grew in as well as watching the behavior of those around you affected the development of your core values)
    • The time period in which you grew in (So many of us can’t seem to agree upon anything with their parents or older significant others. Decades ago there were some things that people valued more or less than others. These differences appear because common core values change. What was once considered as wrong, might be totally fine in modern time.)
    • Life Experiences (Your life experiences and how you handle things strongly influence the development of your core values. This is one of the main reasons why some people have positive and others have negative core values)
    • Society (Politics, culture and other social factors impact your core values big time.)
    • Media (This includes the movies and shows you watch, the newspapers you read, the music you listen… You can get inspired and motivated or discouraged from what you consume from the media which could lead to developing new core values or shaping your old ones.


Many factors could influence your beliefs over the years, but you should always be aware of your exact core values.. They will give you clarity over what you want to achieve in life.


Why Core Values Are Important?

We feel fulfilled and happy when we are living by our core values because our reality aligns with our aspirations of who we want to be.

To live by your core values basically means to live a happy life!

One of our most important core values is to inspire and motivate people to go after their dreams. That’s how Amazer came to life – to help you create a life that makes you jump out of bed every morning and seize the day!

And what more could we give to people than a vision board that helps them step into their wildest dreams in real time?

A vision board is almost like a real-life equivalent to magic, that can help you manifest all your deepest desires and biggest goals. Discover your core values first, to be able to build a powerful manifestation tool that works!

Having all your biggest dreams and goals wrapped up in a visually stunning vision board inspires you to visualize.

Visualization makes energy flow for you! You might not be aware, but it’s basically like screaming “Deliver it Universe! I am so damn ready to receive!” You ask and it is given to you.

And the Universe sure listens! You’ll know this the moment you start noticing all the “lucky coincidences” that pop up on your way to bring you closer to your final goal.

In other words, a vision board can help you create a life that’s in perfect alignment with your core values. That’s called happiness!

How to Define Your Personal Core Values?

Identifying your personal core values by yourself could be one tricky project. You usually would be presented with a list of 200-300 words that represent your potential personal core values.

You have to go through the list, ask yourself questions, recall experiences, you usually will end up with a personal core values list that counts 30-40 or even more words. Then you have to sort them out and so on…

You can sure have countess of core values, but creating a life that aligns with all of them is one hell of a task. Good luck putting a check mark next to all of those words.

Sound pretty intimidating, right?

No need to waste hours anymore. Identify your core values the easy way by letting our team guide you through the entire process. In the end, you’ll get a personal core values list with an accent on your top three core values.

After discovering your core values, making a vision board with the help of our experts will be easier than ever! Your top core values and beliefs immediately direct you towards your priorities.

That’s exactly what you need to put together a powerful manifestation tool that will do wonders for you! Chose the desired appearance of your vision board with a few clicks of the mouse and leave it to our experts to take care of all the hard work.

Taaaaaa Daaaaaammmm!

There it is! Your 100% unique worth-hanging vision board is ready to get all your attention! Make it work by visualizing daily and the universe might surprise you sooner than you think!

Benefits of Knowing Your Core Values

  • Getting to know and understand yourself better
  • Developing a better relationship between you and the outside world
  • Developing a better relationship with significant others
  • Help you recognize your truest essence and life calling
  • Core values shape your biggest desires – being aware of your exact core values helps you create the life you want more easily
  • Knowing your core values and therefore biggest desires guide you to aligning your decisions and thoughts towards turning your priorities into reality
  • Your behavior depends on your core values. Acknowledging your core values leads to taking deliberate actions and controlling your behavior to achieve what you want
  • Core values inspire you to take action

How about taking a life-changing action at this very moment?

Don’t you had enough of ”I don’t know what I want in life”? Discover your exact core values and get a crystal a clear perspective on your biggest goals and desires! Then you can make a powerful vision board that will help you create the life you always desired!  


There are millions of people around the world who get pissed off the moment their alarm goes on in the morning.

What a sad way to start a day full of new opportunities, don’t you think so?

Then they’ll somehow get up, get ready and head to a job they hate…

Sounds familiar?

Well, people who live by their core values never end up living life like this. Being aware of your core values basically means knowing what you want to achieve in life. That’s why these people are able to align their decisions with their vision.

Every single day you can make decisions that bring you a step closer to your biggest dreams. To align your decisions with your vision, you must find out your exact core values. Go ahead and take our short survey that will give you a list of your personal core values with a special accent on your top 3 values. It’s that simple!

Knowing your core values also enables you to take an advantage of the most powerful manifestation tool ever – a vision board.

The vision board is a visualization tool that helps you smash all your biggest goals and live your wildest dreams!

The cool thing is that you can now identify your core values and build a powerful vision board that actually works in less than an hour thanks to our online vision board maker.

Give us less than an hour and we’ll give you a fresh clear perspective over your life and a tool that will help you create magic.

Have you taken our core values survey yet? Were you surprised by the result? Let us know in the comments!

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

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