DIY Vision board: The Craft of Manifesting

Your thoughts can change worlds! Since you are here, chances are that you’ve already done some thinking on where you want to be in life. Most people aren’t even aware of the immense power they have over the course of their life.

But, you must be aware that you are a deliberate creator! So, let’s teach you how to make a DIY vision board to utilize your power and attract all the wildest things you desire.

Creating a vision board is an enjoyable way to say “Yes, I am ready!” to the Universe. A vision board is a visual way to “see” your goals before they manifest. This manifestation tool is available to literally anyone, from the billionaire you googled to see his net worth to the guy that begs for change at the corner of your street.

So, why people end up living such different lives even when they have similar backgrounds?

Because some are brave enough to create the life of their dreams, and some simply aren’t.

Yet, these two categories of people have one thing in common: they both need vision boards! We are evolving – we are never done. So, learning how to DIY vision board will serve you literally a lifetime.

Are you bold enough to follow your dreams?


A DIY vision board project can turn into your biggest frustration if you can’t make up your mind what to put on it. To avoid such a situation that might even make you cancel the entire project you need to make sure you know your true desires.

Ready? Stay tuned! In this article, you’ll learn everything from how to DIY vision board to how to use this powerful manifestation tool to make things happen.


Supplies You Need To DIY Vision Board

  • board (cork board, poster board, pin board)
  • scissors
  • tape/pins/glue (depending on the type of board)
  • magazines that you can use to cut out pictures
  • other printed material
  • fun stickers
  • markers, pens
  • paper
  • quotes, affirmations, sayings and other words of wisdom

If you already feel lazy to run around and get your vision board supplies, just think of the amazing things you’ll create with this powerful manifestation tool. Some craft stores may offer pre-made vision board kit that has most of the things you need to DIY this valuable tool.

The point is that you really don’t have an excuse not to work on your dreams. If DIY vision board feels like too much work for you, consider making a vision board online.

You will need probably a few hours to make a DIY vision board. On the other hand, you can create a vision board online in a matter of minutes.

We made Amazer to help everyone who doesn’t have the time, space, or nerves to a DIY vision board. Whether you are the hustler with a packed schedule or stay-at-home parent with 100 things on your to-do list, we got your back.

You do the fun part, choose the preferred design, colors, layout and we’ll do the hard work. We believe that creating a vision board should be almost as enjoyable as the manifestation itself!

However, if you are willing to do all the hard work by yourself, we are going to teach you how to DIY vision board that will rock your world.

So, let’s get into the crafty mood and put your creative skills in action!


DIY Vision Board Ideas To Get You Started

Let’s fuel your imagination a bit! Before you learn how to make a DIY vision board, take a look at all the creative options you have.

Here are some DIY vision board ideas when it comes to the visual appearance of your vision board:

  • poster DIY vision board
  • a portable DIY vision board
  • a wall-style DIY vision board
  • DIY vision board in a frame
  • DIY vision board template


Poster DIY Vision Board

Choose this type of vision board if you want to have the flexibility to move it around. If you opt for the foldable version you can even keep your vision board with you whenever you go.


Portable DIY Vision Board

If you are living your life on the road or spend too much time outside of your home, consider making a vision board that you could take everywhere with you.

If possible, you can make a copy of your full-size vision board and attach it in your planer or keep it in your wallet. No matter where you decide to keep your dream board, it’s important to have it with you and visualize every day.


Wall-Style DIY Vision Board

If you want to add a mood board vibe to your vision board, spread your vision and goals across the wall in your room. You have endless options with the wall-style DIY vision board. One way to do it is to attach many photographs that inspire you and add decorative elements around them.


DIY Vision Board in a Frame

You already feel that you are a powerful manifestor, and you don’t mind showing off your vision board? Great! This is your ideal type of dream board. You can put the collage in a frame and hang it in your room.

If you expect your DIY vision board to double as a decorative element, you might have a hard time to match it to your home decor.

If you are really picky about design, consider making a vision board online.

Our team works with expert designers who will create a vision board that perfectly blends with the decor in your apartment.

We offer a few options to satisfy even the pickiest manifestors. You can get a high-quality paper print ready to go into the frame and grace your room. We also offer gallery-quality premium canvas print made with archival inks that will stay true forever.

If you believe that your vision board is a piece of art, we’ll tap one of the most famous contemporary artists from Eastern Europe to hand-paint it on a canvas for you.

If you already have a quality printer, we can even send you a high-resolution image of your vision board.

Each of the options will provide you with a unique vision board that is a pleasure to look at.


DIY Vision Board Template

You can also use pre-made vision board template to make this powerful manifestation tool. These look like pieces of paper with gaps that you need to fill. They might have sections like “goals,” “motivational quote,” and so on.

A vision board template will cut you some work and keep your vision board neat. However, keep in mind that your DIY vision board won’t be 100% unique. The template already has sections that you need to fill which kills your creativity right from the start.

(Note – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

The order that a particular vision board template dictates might not resonate with you.  

There are also vision board printables you could use to decorate your DIY vision board. These could be quotes, stickers, inspirational words and etc. There is no harm in using vision board printables unless you are exaggerating. They will make your vision board more visually appealing.


Before You Start The DIY Vision Board Process

Creating a powerful vision board is already a time-consuming process. Before anything else, you need to discover your core values so you can easily recognize all the right things that deserve a spot on your dream board.

Did you know that the process of making a vision board includes a spoil-yourself session?

You’ll need to do some serious goal-setting and decision-making. So, you need to prime your mind, body, and soul for all that.

Set the mood. Create a relaxing atmosphere, even take a long bath if you need! Play some music that inspires you, treat yourself with a glass of your best wine, or that expensive chocolate you only eat once in a while. Even light some candles if that’s your jam. You can later use this setting for a date, but at the moment make sure you are alone and there is no one and nothing that can distract you.

If you live with roommates, your parents, kids, you might have trouble to create a peaceful atmosphere. Unfortunately, making a DIY vision board isn’t the same as those school projects you used to make.

A distraction-free atmosphere is needed throughout the entire process of creating a DIY vision board. If you don’t have the space for this, it’s better to rely on technology. Simply make a vision board online.

Here at Amazer, you could get a custom online vision board in ten to thirty minutes. You can even make it from your closest public library if you can’t seem to find a peaceful spot at home.


How To DIY Vision Board That Works in 8 Steps

  1. Prepare the space for the DIY project
  2. Make sure you know your exact core values and true desires
  3. Write down your goals
  4. Get your vision board supplies ready
  5. Choose Pictures That Represent Your Desires The Best
  6. Plan out your DIY vision board
  7. Make a Collage
  8. Add affirmations, quotes and words that inspire you
  9. Place your DIY vision board somewhere you can see it every day

Since you already know how to prepare the space and which supplies you need, let’s talk about the pictures for your vision board.


Choose Pictures That Represent Your Desires The Best

This is one of the most important steps of creating a DIY vision board, often overlooked by many.

Your vision board represents your best life. You might want material things, dream job, ideal partner… Use magazines and other printed material as they are the best source for professional photos.

But what if you can’t find photos that inspire you in the printed material you have at home?

Look further! If you want a yard with mini basketball court and a round pool, find that yard on a photo. If there isn’t such thing in the magazines, search the web.

Finding the perfect pictures to put on your vision board might take hours. You need to acknowledge your core values first so you can decide what you want to see on your vision board every day.

If spending hours to find the right images is too frustrating for you, create your vision board online. Our team will make sure your desires are represented with crystal clear visuals that will inspire you to visualize and manifest!

Never settle for blurry, low-quality pictures. A photo with low-resolution is just not good enough for that million-dollar house with a garage full of luxury cars you’d love to move in next year!


Plan Out Your DIY vision board

Before you attach the photos and other materials on your DIY vision board, think about the structure. You don’t want a random collage that barely keeps your attention.

Give a central spot to your priorities on your DIY vision board. Decorative elements are welcomed, but shouldn’t be confused with your goals and desires. A giant puppy sticker might look insanely adorable, but unless your No. 1 priority is a house full of puppies, pass on it.

Go light on distracting decorative elements, because the last thing you want to attract is chaos in your life.

If you have trouble to structure your vision board, let our experts help you create your powerful manifestation tool online. Tell us your preferences, and we’ll take care of all the boring stuff.


Make a Collage

Congratulations! This step means that the hardest is behind you! You are so close to manifesting all the things you desire. Just put together all the images in a beautiful collage and move on to the next step with an ear to ear smile on your face.


Add Affirmations, Quotes, And Words That Inspire You

Complete your DIY vision board with words of wisdom that resonate with you. You can write your own or use quotes and affirmations from people that inspire you. If you decide to put affirmations on your DIY vision board, say them out loud every day. Here are some ideas:


Place Your DIY Vision Board Somewhere You Can See It Everyday

You didn’t go through all of this to hide your DIY vision board in some corner in your closet.

Put your dream board front and center in your room. If you don’t feel like talking about your deepest desires before you manifest them, consider having a digital vision board.

Making a DIY vision board just to snap a photo and hide it somewhere around the house is simply not worth it. Not to mention that your heart will skip a beat everytime someone gets close to the place you hide your dream board.

Take it easy! No need for such drama. Just make your vision board online and keep it in digital format. You can use our custom vision board creation tool to make your ideal manifestation tool and we’ll send it to you.


How to Use Your DIY Vision Board to Manifest Things

If you shift your mind, you can shift your reality. A vision board can help you create the reality you desire by utilizing the power of visualization.

Visualization is one of the most powerful exercises you can use to train your mind. And it’s actually backed by science!

Psychology Today reported that the brain patterns react when a weightlifter lifts heavy weights in a similar way as when he is just imagining (visualizing) the action. Olympic athletes, as well as sports legends such as Jerry West, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tiger Woods and more, have used visualization to perfect their performance.

The easiest way to utilize the power of visualization is with a vision board because you have all the things you want to attract right in front of your eyes. A vision board also reminds you to stay focused on your biggest goals daily.

When you are visualizing you are telling the Universe that you are so damn ready to receive all the greatness in your life!

You feel like you’ve tried “everything” and it seems that the Law of Attraction simply doesn’t work for you? You need to go back to the basics and before you do anything else you need to define your true desires. The ones that actually evoke energy flow when you are visualizing.

Another important thing is that you should primarily focus on how certain things make you feel.

Let’s say you want to manifest your dream home. Don’t focus only on material things. Visualize the moment you tell the real estate agent you are buying the home. Think of the moment the real estate agent gives you the keys. How that does make you feel? Go through every detail from looking for furniture for your new home to inviting your friends over. Ask yourself how each of these situations makes you feel.

Feel the energy flow? Awesome! Just keep visualizing and you’ll lounge on a brand new sofa in your dream home sooner than you think!



It’s totally worth it to spend hours on a DIY vision board! This manifestation tool, if used in the right way, will help you attract life-changing opportunities in your life.

Once you decide to a DIY vision board, don’t cut corners. Follow each of the steps, from goal-setting and determining what to put on your vision board to spending time each day to visualize.

If your schedule is too packed or you don’t feel like getting crafty, just make your vision board online.

  • A DIY vision board requires space, time, materials, and creativity.  
  • An online vision board requires an internet connection and less than half an hour of your time.

So, if you are not keen on going the hard way, there is a stress-free, enjoyable way to create your preferred future.

We’ll also send you a practical guide that explains in details how to use your vision board to manifest all your desires.

It’s up to you to choose whether you’ll DIY your dream board or make it online. The sooner you decide to take advantage of this powerful manifestation tool, the sooner you’ll get to live your wildest dreams!

So, are you excited to take a full control of your life, and create wonders?

What part of the DIY vision board process do you find most challenging? Let us know in the comments!

(Note – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)