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How to Attract Money Using the Law of Attraction?

Are you tired of worrying about how much money you have and want to live in abundance? Then you need to get into the mindset of being rich and start attracting money!

If you learn how to attract money into your life, you will finally have prosperity and never worry about money ever again. You will be able to finally live the life you have always dreamed of and enjoy your creations.

In this article, you will learn the 7 secrets of how to attract money using the law of attraction. I will take you through a simple step by step process that is proven to work. So if you’re determined to change your life and start living in abundance, keep on reading!


Does the Law of Attraction Really Work for Manifesting Money and Wealth?

Law of attraction is the ability to manifest anything that you’re focusing on and visualizing. That means that your thoughts can become a reality. It is a law that is governed by the Universe, so it works for everybody.

To put it really simply, if you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive things into your life. If you think negative thoughts, you will attract negative things into your life. It’s that simple!

The great thing about the law of attraction is that it can be used for attracting anything you desire, including money, wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

You might be thinking, “That sounds too good to be true!”

And that’s understandable. But when you think about it, the law of attraction really makes sense. If you’re focused on abundance and positive thoughts about money, more money will come to you. Also, if you focus on the lack of money, you will get even less money. It’s not magic, it’s simply a logical law of the Universe.

You must have experienced suddenly needing a lot of money for unplanned expenses, but whatever you try, you simply can’t get that money. While other times, when you’re totally unconcerned about how much money you have, it starts pouring in out of nowhere. That’s the law of attraction at work!

In the first example, you couldn’t get that money because you were desperate, worried, and hopeless about your financial situation. In the second example, you were feeling great about how much money you have and you got even more.

Do you see now that law of attraction definitely works for manifesting money?


Best Law of Attraction Books for Attracting Money

Reading books is a great way to get familiar with basic LOA concepts, but the fastest way of attracting money is to get daily practical advice.


7 Secrets to Attracting Money

If you want to learn how to attract money fast and how to attract money using mind power, then you must read these 7 secrets to attracting money. This is an easy-to-follow step by step process full of valuable information and practical advice on how to attract money now.


1. Start Believing That You Deserve to Be Wealthy

The first step of how to attract wealth is to change some of your negative beliefs about money and rich people because those are stopping you from manifesting abundance.

First of all, you need to stop thinking that you don’t deserve to have a lot of money. Many people struggle with that because they think that being rich is reserved only for “special” people. Well, let me tell you, we all are equal in this universe and there is enough wealth for everybody.

A great exercise that can help with this is to write down all of your core beliefs about money. Then notice those that are negative and stopping you from attracting money and replace them with new, positive beliefs.

For example, if your core belief about money is that, “I grew up poor so I’m convinced that I’ll never have a lot of money.”

Replace it with, “Even though I grew up poor, I know have the power to change my life and attract money and abundance.”

Changing your core beliefs about money is a great first step for manifesting, but if you want to become a law of attraction master, you need to do daily exercises.


2. Don’t Focus On the Lack of Money

If you want to learn how to attract wealth, you need to know that you can’t do it by focusing on not having enough money. If you concentrate on the lack of money, you will feel desperate, hopeless, worried, pessimistic, and depressed.

And can you guess what you’ll attract?

That’s right, you will attract more money problems and negative feelings.

So instead, focus on what you do have and try not to worry so much about the lack of money in your life right now.

And that brings us to step 3 of how to attract money.


3. Be Grateful for What You Have Right Now

Although your financial situation might not be ideal at the moment, there are certainly some things you can be grateful for.

First of all, you should feel gratitude for the money you have right now, regardless of how little you have. Feel grateful for your home, for having something to eat every day, and for your family that supports you.

When you feel gratitude, you start thinking positively about your life and that’s what enables you to start manifesting more abundance. So say thank you for all of the amazing things you have going on in your life right now.


4. Don’t Be Jealous of Other People’s Wealth and Success

It’s normal to notice what other people have and their success. That’s often what motivates you to do better in your own life. But if jealousy and envy are involved, that can become toxic.

Feeling bad because somebody has a lot of money, a nice car, and a big house will not get you anywhere. In fact, if you focus on it too much, not only will you block your manifestation efforts, but you might end up manifesting more money for them instead for yourself.

What’s better is to actually study rich and successful people in order to figure out what are some of the strategies they’re using to acquire wealth. Perhaps you could meet those people and talk to them, or read some autobiographical books written by wealthy people. That will give you a taste of how they’re thinking and what they’re actually doing to increase their success.

Also, use successful people as motivation. They are the example that it’s absolutely possible to live in abundance.


5. Get into The Mindset for Success

Since the law of attraction is used to make your thoughts a reality, the way you think is one of the most important things. Now that you pulled your focus away from lack and negative beliefs about money, it’s time to get into the mindset for success.

If you really want start attracting money now, you need to already think that you’re rich and wealthy. Totally get into the mindset of a rich person and notice how amazing it feels.

If you succeed in evoking powerful positive emotions, you are going to raise your vibrational frequency and the universe will respond. The brain actually has no idea whether you’re rich or poor. So if you get into the mindset of being wealthy and really feel how amazing that is, your brain will be convinced that you’re actually rich. Then the law of attraction simply responds to those thoughts by sending more riches your way.

That’s the basis of how to attract money. There’s a science to it.

Isn’t that incredible?

So we have learned that you need to get into the mindset of being rich. The fastest way to accomplish that is to get tips and tricks from many different law of attraction gurus.


6. Give Money Away

If you practice steps 1 through 5, some money will definitely start coming your way.


But your work is not done.

It’s important not to fall into the trap of being terrified that you’ll somehow lose your money and that you need to hold on to every cent. That’s not how rich and successful people think.

The best way to get over that fear is to spend some money or give it away. An important thing to learn about money is that it is always circulating. So by spending some of it, or even losing some of it, you keep the flow going. And don’t worry, if you keep working on attracting wealth, more will come to you. So you’re really not a loss here.


7. Don’t Let Acquiring Money Become the Sole Purpose of Your Existence

Although having a lot of money is absolutely amazing and that’s what all of us dream about, those dollar bills should not be the main focus of your life.

It’s better to think of money as the means to live the life that you have always dreamed of. So you can afford to travel a lot, to give your kids the best education, to buy a new house for your family, to quit your horrible job and be your own boss, to have more free time, or whatever it may be for you.

So even though you’re aware that you need money in order to live your dream life, you don’t need to be caught up in it. Getting more money should definitely not be your life purpose.


5 Law of Attraction Affirmations for Attracting Money

To help you start thinking more positively about money, here are some positive law of attraction affirmations. Make sure to repeat them every day.

1. I attract a lot of money in my life effortlessly.

2. I deserve to live in abundance and prosperity.

3. When I focus on abundance, money starts coming my way.

4. The more money I spend and give away, the more I get in return.

5. The Universe is working for me and is providing me with unlimited abundance.

Reading law of attraction affirmations is inspiring, but the best way to manifest wealth quick is to receive daily advice that will guide you through the process.



So that now that you know the secrets of how to attract money, you need to take action and start changing your life for the better. A great thing about the law of attraction is that it not only gets you everything you wanted, but it motivates you to change the way you think and feel, and that’s incredibly valuable.

What do you think about attracting money and abundance using the law of attraction? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks? Share any thoughts or comments below!

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