How to Host a Vision Board Workshop That Changes Lives

Hey there, are we talking to a manifestation maven? What a pleasure! It seems that we are on the same page!

If you searched for “how to host a vision board workshop” chances are that you have been vision boarding for a while now. That’s exactly how we make things happen!

This powerful manifestation tool has done so much for you that you have to brag about it. We feel you!

A vision board can help anyone to attract opportunities, things and achieve goals. So, why not teach people how to manifest their best life?

Awesome idea! You’ll get some extra cash by doing what you love and inspiring people. Hosting a vision board workshop is a great way to start a side hassle out of nothing but your knowledge and love for vision boards.

A vision board workshop is basically a fun event where you teach a group of people a Vision Board 101, from how to set goals and make a vision board to how to use it to manifest everything they want.

If you are working in the area of personal coaching, a vision board workshop is perfect for getting new clients.

We are presenting you every tiny step to take for running a successful vision board workshop.


How To Host A Vision Board Workshop That Changes Lives

  • Decide where the vision board workshop will take place
  • Think of how many people you can accommodate (choose a manageable number of people depending on the space you have)
  • Create the vision board workshop outline
  • Brainstorm how you are going to promote your vision board workshop
  • Create an attention-grabbing and inviting vision board workshop flyer
  • Include an inspiring and informative vision board workshop description
  • Think of what supplies you need for your vision board workshop
  • Get ready to change lives!


Where The Vision Board Workshop Will Take Place

You could either invite your vision board workshop group at your home or rent a space that fits your needs.

Making a vision board the old fashioned way with a bunch of old magazines, scissors, glue, and other tiny details requires quite a lot of space, so everyone can work comfortably.

On top of that, not all of your attendees will operate at the same speed.

The last thing you want someone to think is that is behind everyone else on a vision board workshop.

These people have purchased a ticket and practically confide their future to you. Wouldn’t it be devastating to kill their vibe right at the beginning?

We founded Amazer with a mission to simplify the process of creating a vision board. Our online vision board maker will make each of your attendees feel super special and hyped up about visualizing and manifesting.

Instead of messing around with a bunch of supplies, you can have everyone bring their laptop and create a vision board online in just minutes.

It would take so much time for the entire group to DIY their vision boards. To speed up the process you help them to determine their biggest desires first and make an online vision board.

The possibility of making a vision board online is a game changer! You won’t need much space to hold a vision board workshop and will have plenty of time to bond with your attendees.

If you opt to hold the vision board workshop at your home make sure to remove any distracting elements. That super expensive hand-painted vase you bought from your trip to Japan shouldn’t be around freaking out your students. You don’t want them to be afraid to make a move because of your showy home decor.

Building a vision board requires a relaxing atmosphere. Make sure you choose a manageable number of people that you can accommodate in the space where the vision board workshop will take place.


Vision Board Workshop Outline

  • Purpose of your vision board workshop
  • Vision board workshop agenda (present an ordered list of the intended vision board workshop flow)
  • List the topics you’ll be covering at your vision board workshop
  • What people can expect from your vision board workshop?
  • General information (time,date, location)
  • Give directions – how can people get to you?
  • Vision board workshop delivery – how long will last? (give it at least two hours and feel free to go up to five-six hours depending on the group and the way you will be making the vision boards)
  • Information about whether supplies are provided or not

Here is an example of a vision board workshop outline. You can play with the order and the appearance of it, but it’s important to include all the relevant information.

How to Promote Your Vision Board Workshop

  • Facebook event
  • Forums
  • Blog
  • Personal social media account
  • Through friends and family
  • By presenting it to co-workers and acquaintances
  • Advertising Posters
  • Send emails

You can combine as many methods of promotion as you want. It’s good to have a Facebook event that you can later switch to private. If you have a blog even better! Here you can attach your vision board workshop outline and keep your group updated. The outline can double as your vision board flyer.

This is also your chance to meet your attendees and prepare them for the upcoming event that will change their lives for good! You can post inspirational and motivational quotes and other content to keep up the positive vibes.

For a smooth start encourage your students to determine their core values because that will help them get a clear perspective on what they want to achieve in life.

Start building that relationship and show them how awesome you are!


What Supplies You Need For A Vision Board Workshop

  • A board of your choice for each attendee (have a few spare ones just in case)
  • A pair of scissors for everyone
  • A supply of beautiful and inspirational magazines
  • Colored pens
  • Glue sticks
  • Quotes, affirmations and other words of wisdom
  • Embellishments for decorating the vision boards
  • Snacks and bites to share, drinks and refreshments (optional)

Optionally you could ask your students to bring their supplies, but think twice before doing this. If your group consists of people with packed schedules, you don’t want to give them an extra task that might be a deal breaker. To avoid such thing, it’s better that you provide the supplies.

We have a How to DIY a Vision Board guide you could follow in the process of making a vision board with your group.

However, one person and one DIY project are enough for a huge mess. At your vision board workshop, you might end up having even more than 10 people.

Additionally, not everyone in your vision board workshop group will be creative and crafty. Some people may get discouraged seeing that others in the group are making a more visually appealing vision board.

To make sure everyone gets a vision board worth hanging on the wall, suggest creating a vision board online. In this way, each attendee can get their hands on a beautiful vision board thanks to the assistance of our experts.

All they have to do is choose the images that speak to them, the desired design, font and colors.

You can get back to your vision board workshop and give helpful tips to your group while we take care of all the hard work.

First, take the time to explain to the attendees the importance of knowing their exact core values and how they shape their biggest dreams.


How to Run a Successful Vision Board Workshop

  • It’s helpful to ask the attendees to think about their goals and desires a few days before the vision board workshop. Additionally, you could offer them some guided meditations to help them clear their mind.
  • Start the event by introducing yourself (if you offer other coaching services, feel free to introduce your business)
  • Ask people to introduce themselves and answer why they signed up for a vision board workshop (it’s also helpful to ask who has done a vision board before)
  • Explain to the attendees what is a vision board and share your story! People love to hear personal stories, so tell them how a vision board influenced your life. You can also share other inspirational stories that you know.
  • You need to help the attendees explore their desires as well as recognize their blocks first. Make sure they are aware of their exact core values, so they can easily see the bigger picture.

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)


  • Have everyone create their big vision before creating a vision board. Don’t miss the chance to encourage your group to think outside of the box and create a vision without thinking about their limitations. After all, you are here to inspire them to chase their wildest dreams!
  • Make sure everyone understands that they need to interact with their vision board on daily basis. Explain to the vision board workshop group that this isn’t a magic wand, but a tool that requires their attention and commitment.
  • Advise the attendees to place their vision boards somewhere they can see them every day and visualize at least every morning and before going to bed.
  • You could track the success of your students in a private Facebook Group. Encourage them to talk about their achievements and inspire one another. This way you get to witness their success and stay in touch for future collaboration.

At the end of your vision board workshop, you could give each attendee a flyer or brochures that promote your business (if you have a coaching business). You could also use the time to give some special offers, for example, one free one-on-one skype consultation. This will give you a chance to acquire new clients on a long-term basis.

To have more time to connect with your students and teachpresent them everything that you know on this subject, consider making a vision board online.

Here at Amazer, we can put together visually stunning vision boards in ten to thirty minutes. This will save tons of time to you and your attendees.

We perfectly understand what living a fast life means. A lot of go-getters don’t even have time to go out on a drink with their friends. A super long vision board workshop might turn them off immediately.

On the other hand, a lot of people simply don’t enjoy DIY projects. Nowadays, we are used to having everything within a few clicks on the mouse. That’s how our online vision board maker works! Just a few clicks of the mouse to select your preferences and the rest is our job. Your attendees will have time for your vision board workshop and a drink with their friends!

How Much To Charge For a Vision Board Workshop

The vision board workshop cost depends on many factors. First, if you don’t own a space that fits your needs, you’ll need to rent one. If you are intending to host a bigger event, you might need to pay for a conference hall, catering services, decorate the space, and etc.

Take all the costs into consideration when forming the final vision board workshop cost. Deciding how much to charge for your services might be confusing if you haven’t done anything similar before. However, it’s up to you to form the price.

It would be helpful to find out how much other people charge for similar or the same events in your area.

Believe it or not, there is a huge advantage in charging people for your service not just for the sake of making profits. When an event is free most people might forget about it or decide not to show up even if they signed up.

Paying for a vision board workshop will make them show up and will motivate them to work on their dreams instead of throwing their vision board in the closet.

Whatever you decide to charge for your vision board workshop, make sure that you create an event that is worth the price.

Before anything else, you need to make sure that everyone who attends your vision board workshop has a clear vision about their future. For this purpose, your students have to review their core values which construct their biggest desires.



Hosting a vision board workshop is such an awesome way to help others create their best life.

You know, a lot of people think that making a vision board is a bit silly…

That’s where you step in! Share your story, share other testimonials as well as your knowledge about vision boards.

People might try to come up with multiple excuses, but our team and powerful manifestors like you can help them ditch the excuses and take an action.

You can introduce people in your area to this powerful manifestation tool by hosting a vision board workshop. This could turn into an awesome side hassle! Not to mention that you’ll get an opportunity to promote your coaching business.

We created an online vision board maker that is super easy to use. We guarantee that each of the attendees in your vision board workshop will leave with a smile on their face!

Why not join forces to make the world a better place by helping others make their wildest dreams come true?

Are you interested to team up with our fierce squad? Let us know! We’d love to create awesome things together!

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

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