How To Make a Vision Board That Works

Grab yourself a glass of wine because you just got a reason to celebrate! You are on the right destination to learn how to make a vision board that actually works. Very shortly you are about to find out all the details about how to create this manifestation tool that many successful people swear by.

Wait, what the heck is a vision board, in the first place?

A journey map, with images or photos that represent your ideal reality. It’s a simple device that helps you utilize the power of visualization to attract all the things you want in your life. Before you learn how to make a vision board, check this detailed Vision Board 101 Guide to prime your mind for making the most powerful manifestation tool that will help you get exactly what you want.

The purpose of learning how to make a vision board goes beyond just manifesting your desires. It helps you get clear with your goals. Believe it or not, you can actually enjoy the journey towards the goal! Cheers to that!

You already can’t wait to learn how to make your vision board and make the law of attraction work for you? A vision board will help you utilize the power of visualization like no other manifestation tool could! Before you scroll down, make sure you don’t get started with an “I want it but I don’t know why” attitude. Sorry to break your bubble, but you really need to know your true desires to put together a powerful vision board.

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Now let’s get to work! Lay your eyes on the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide that will teach you how to make a vision board that will help you get everything that you want.

How to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works


Here is exactly how to make a vision board step by step:

1. Prepare The Space

2. Acknowledge Your Exact Core Values

3. Get Clear With Your Goals

4. Get Your Supplies Ready

5. Find The Pictures That Represent Your Desires The Best

6. Make a Collage

7. Add Affirmations & Quotes That Resonate With You

8. Put Your Vision Board Somewhere You Can See It Everyday

There are multiple vision boards types, but when it comes to the process of creation, you could either make your vision board online or DIY. In this article, both options are covered.

1. Prepare The Space

At this point, you can pour yourself another glass of wine (skip this if you get tipsy with the speed of light!) Just set the mood – turn off the TV, turn off your phone, play some relaxing music, even light some candles! Additionally, clear the space and do anything that will help you clear your mind. Sounds like a setting for a romantic date, right? Well, you are about to have a date with your wonderful self minus the romance. Learning how to make a vision board requires a nice relaxing atmosphere. Things might get awkward like on a blind date, but hey, who hasn’t “survived” at least one of those?


2. Acknowledge Your Exact Core Values

You might not be aware, but your core values dictate your desires and actions. It’s basically who you are. To be able to consciously make decisions and have a clear vision where you are going next you must know your exact core values. It’s actually not hard at all to recognize your exact core values. You can smash this step in a matter of minutes!

3. Get Clear With Your Goals

Since we mentioned failed dates, get ready to annoy yourself and ask too many personal questions. One of those for sure is: “What to put on my vision board?” You have a limited space, so you really need to do some serious goal-setting before jumping to the next step. You already know your true desires? Awesome! Write them down and set your goals.

However, things can get really though if you don’t know what you want in life. That is why this step is one of the trickiest when it comes to creating a vision board. Many people think:

“I don’t know how to make a  vision board that really works when I don’t even know my true desires. I need to determine my exact true desires first.”

Here is where they might get discouraged and not even want to learn how to make a vision board anymore. But hey, you were lucky enough to discover your true desires in just minutes!


Also, feel free to get really up close and personal with questions such as:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • What do I Need?
  • How do these things make me feel?

The process of goal-setting and determining what to put on your vision board can take quite some time. But, you can’t text your best friend to call you and fake an emergency. You have to stay on this date until the very end!

Here is an example to prove the power of having clear goals:

Let’s say you want to get a loan from a bank. You must have a specific sum in your mind. Otherwise, no one will take you seriously. Imagine walking inside a bank and telling your banker “I want money”. The banker will immediately ask you: “How much?” If you don’t have an answer, you will lose your opportunity to even discuss getting a loan.


Write down your biggest desires and goals before you proceed to the next step.

4. Get Your Supplies Ready

If you prefer to learn how to make a vision board on your own, you will need a bunch of things to put it together. Here are some of the common supplies you need to make a vision board:

  • Any kind of board or a poster
  • A lot of magazines or any other printed material
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape, glue, pins (depending on the type of the board)
  • Markers, crayons, stickers… (whatever you prefer to make your vision board more appealing)
  • Materials that inspire you (postcards from friends, reminders of things or events…)
  • Quotes, sayings, affirmations that resonate with you
  • Time (give yourself as much time as you need to make your vision board)

The first thing you need to do is plan out your vision board. Before examining how to make a vision board, decide do you want one or more vision boards. Some people prefer to have a separate one for different areas in life. Others like to keep everything on one vision board. If your goals and desires and very different from one another it’s better to create more than one dream board. This way you can give your undivided attention to each of those things you want to manifest.

Next, take some time to think about how you want to represent your vision on your vision board. This is important because you need your dream board to inspire you every time you lay your eyes on it. If you are picky about design, you might want your vision board to match your home decor. For instance, a DIY board might not look the best in your minimalist Insta-worthy apartment. You don’t want to make one just for the sake of making it and not be able to enjoy what you see.

So, how to make a vision board that is visually pleasing to you? If things like this matter to you, you better seek professional help and make your vision board online.

How to make a vision board online?

Here at Amazer, we are dedicated to maximizing your manifestation potential. We developed an enjoyable way to make your vision board online from the comfort of your home while relaxing. You can customize every inch of your vision board while our experts do the hard work for you. You can pick a design that perfectly matches your room and doubles as a decorative element.

Even if you don’t want to show off your vision board, you can get it in digital form and keep it on your laptop or phone. You always have the option to print it yourself.

5. Find The Pictures That Represent Your Desires The Best

Anyway, if you are feeling super crafty, we are committed to teaching you how to make a vision board on your own. After you planned everything out, it’s time to go through all of the magazines and printed material. Look for pictures that best represent your vision and make you daydream. You should really find the pictures that are worth “1000 words for you.” For example, if you dream of a house with infinity pool, find the exact pool you’d show to the builders one day.

Still having a hard time to pick the perfect images for your vision board?

By this point, you must be aware that you can’t put the right things on your vision board if you don’t know your true desires. You need to determine your exact desires before you proceed with the process. Make sure you choose what’s really close to your heart and deserves to be on your vision board. Knowing your core values will help you get this right.

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Here is another thing that will help you with the selection of the visual material. You can sort of “test” the pictures before attaching them to your dream board. Here is how to do it:

Take one or a few pictures and hold them in your hand for a while. Stare at them and wait to see what happens. If the picture is right you should feel the burning desire running through your body. The images that evoke emotions in you while you think of them are the ones that need to be on your vision board. See yourself in possession of whatever is on the images and notice how that makes you feel. That is the feeling you need to experience every time you look at your dream board.

If you are looking for vision board images on the internet, be mindful of the quality. You don’t want a collage of blurry pictures that is distracting you more than it’s inspiring you. A $300 000 Ferrari would look ridiculous on a blurry picture. So, how you are supposed to convince yourself that you are going to drive one in the future?

It is recommended that all of the pictures on your vision board are crystal clear. After all, you are representing your ideal reality, so everything needs to look on point. The problem is that not everyone owns a home printer that delivers high-quality print. One of your options is to look for places near you that could help you with this.

If you don’t feel like running from one place to another to get your supplies, and searching for the best place to print your pictures, simply make your vision board online. You’ll still have a full control over the process from choosing the design to the images. You’ll get countless high-quality photos and other images in one place. Instead of spending the time to learn how to make a vision board and going here and there, you’ll be able to put together a powerful vision board in just minutes.

6. Make a Collage

If you got to this point, Congratulations! The hardest is behind you, you’ve almost mastered how to make a vision board. You are now the badass that really knows what he/she wants. How does that make you feel? Easy tiger, at least until you finish making your vision board!


Depending on the type of board that you’ve picked, you can use glue, pins or tape to make a collage of the photos you collected. Additionally, you could use acid-free, removable adhesive that is safe for photos if you don’t want to damage your materials. Play around with the pictures a bit before you decide where to place each one of them.

Although some people enjoy the mess, a vision board is not really the right spot for it. It is recommended that you make it as neat as possible. This is the tool to keep you focused on your goals and desires, not distracted.

But what if you reaaaaaaaally like those DIY stuffed boards that look just so adorable on Pinterest?

You know how many things look perfect on social media, but aren’t as fabulous in real life? The same applies to those cute messy vision boards that happen to be so Insta-worthy. You would double tap them, pin them, but that’s all!

No worries if you just can’t seem to get how to make a vision board by yourself. You can always make your vision board online.

Did you know you can show off the creative genie you are even on your online vision board? Making your vision board online offers you complete freedom when it comes to your style preferences. Besides the images, you’ll get to choose the desired color scheme, layout, shapes, and fonts. 

7. Add Affirmations & Quotes That Resonate With You

Your vision board shouldn’t be focused only on material things. The secret to making a vision board that works lies in how it makes you feel. Even those material things are about feelings.

Think of this:

When you buy a new piece of clothing you spend time in front of the mirror admiring the fit, the style, how it looks on you… You feel special wearing it. After a while, that feeling disappears. If it was the piece of clothing itself that made you happy, you would have the same feeling about it all the time. But what happens in that you might even dislike it after a few years. 

So, remember is the feeling that you chase. The way a new dress, suit, car, phone makes you feel is what is important to you. The same applies to your vision board. Is not the material things you put that you want, is the way they make you feel.

To make the most powerful manifestation tool, it is recommended to include words and quotes that describe how you want to feel every day of your life. Words such as “financially free,” “happy,” “abundant,” “powerful,” are a good example of what you can include on your vision board.

Affirmations that resonate with you are perfect for your dream board. You could start with “I am:”

  • a money magnet
  • in charge of how I feel
  • my own superhero
  • enough
  • have the power to create the life I want
  • deserve the best and I accept only the best
  • unstoppable

Take some time to decide what words describe the best how you want to feel. Don’t just add words you’ve seen on other people’s vision boards or that look “cool” to you. Make a list of these words and look for them in magazines. Additionally, you can write them yourself or print them.

You have to add them to the collage on your vision board in a visually pleasing way. Make sure you don’t mess up this almost last step! You still have to keep things polished to be able to use your vision board as a daily reminder of your desires and goals.

8. Put Your Vision  Board Somewhere You Can See It Every Day

After you created your vision board, you need to place it somewhere you can see it every day. Some people like to keep their vision board on their nightstand or the wall that’s opposite of their bed, so they can see it first thing in the morning.

These are great ideas, but just a quick glance won’t do the job. You need to spend time with your vision board, preferably every morning and evening.

What if you are not comfortable with showing off your vision board with the people you live? It can be your parents, roommates even your partner… Not everyone is bold enough to dream as big as you do? No problem!

You can make your vision board online and keep it a secret. It will take just minutes to select your style preferences and expert designers will do the hard work for you. This is especially helpful if you can’t seem to find the perfect timing to learn how to make a vision board and get ready for a long DIY project. No need to hide and explain yourself to others. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your digital vision board ready and delivered to you.

Keep your vision board on the desktop of your personal computer, laptop or phone. This way you can utilize this powerful manifestation tool in peace.

Review Your Goals Daily


One of the purposes of a vision board is to keep you focused on your goals daily. The results from a Virginia Tech study have shown that you have a 76% chance of reaching your goals if you:

  • Think about your goals every day
  • Write down your goals
  • Share your goals with others
  • Check the progress with someone you trust (partner, business partner, friend)

Still, struggle with goal-setting?

It must be hard to have so many desires that you don’t know where to start from. You really need to know your exact core values to be able to find out which desires are the closest to your heart. So, make sure you don’t proceed further without knowing your core values.

(NOTE: Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

Continue to spend time every day with your vision board, thinking about your goals. If some of your goals and desires have changed in meantime, make small adjustments. You can even leave a blank space on your dream board to be able to accommodate new things as they appear in your life.

However, don’t remove the goals that you have already achieved. You can mark the things you manifested on your vision board and use them as motivation. Your achieved goals are a visual reminder that you are a powerful deliberate creator of your life. Looking at all the things you achieved will bring you instant satisfaction and boost your vibration.

You won’t have the same goals forever. As you manifest things, you grow. That is why you need to make a new vision board after a while. It’s a good idea to create a new vision board every year. 

Most people like to make new vision boards at the beginning of every year or around their birthday. You don’t have to wait for any special date. Now that you’ve learned how to make a vision board, there’s no excuse to stick to one vision board for ages. 


How to Use Your Vision Board To Manifest Your Desires


Vision boards help you utilize the power of visualization to get exactly what you want in life.

So,  how to visualize properly?

First of all, you shouldn’t focus on material stuff, but how that makes you feel. By visualizing you evoke emotions which make energy flow and signal the universe that you are in a receptive mode – Law of Attraction at its finest!

Rather than just having an urge to achieve, focus on creating enthusiasm supported with belief. If you only flourish the urge to achieve, you will easily get frustrated and block the things you want from coming into your life experience.

Here is an example:

If you want to manifest your dream car, don’t just focus on the car itself. Think of the entire experience from going at the car dealer, testing the car, the sound of the engine. Go even further and visualize how you are buying the car, your first ride… Are you alone or with someone? What song is going on the radio? Go really deep into the whole experience until you feel the energy flowing through your body. And stay there for a while.

Voila! The universe recognizes your “open and allowing” mode and will provide you with the opportunities to manifest everything you truly desire. It’s that simple. The universe responds to whatever you decide to give attention to. That’s the reason vision boards work!

After actively visualizing for a while, you will start to notice those things everywhere! In the example of the car, you might see that particular model everywhere you go, in magazines, on TV… Not because it wasn’t there before, but because now you are actively focusing on it.

This happens even when we are unconsciously giving our attention to something or someone. You run into your ex when you just thought of him/her? It wasn’t a coincidence! It’s the universe sending it to you because you were thinking of that person. So, be aware when recalling memories…


As you probably know by now, the universe works in the same way for both positive and negative things. If you are constantly trying to highlight the reasons why you still haven’t manifested your dreams, you’ll experience the same frustrating reality all over again.

Don’t expect your vision board to magically work just because you followed every step of this comprehensive “How To Make a Vision Board” guide. You have to believe, visualize, affirm, clear the resistance, and grab the opportunities that lead to your desired reality.


Make Your Vision Board Now


If there were no “obstacles” along your way,  when would you like to:

  • move into that house with dope infinity pool?
  • become your own boss that makes six figures per year?
  • get in a harmonious romantic relationship?


You already can’t wait to create a vision board and start manifesting your biggest goals? Great! Once you know your core values you will easily recognize your true desires which brings you a step closer to your ideal reality.

You can then move to goal-setting. Once you have your goals and desires written down, choose the desired method to make your vision board. You can follow this detailed step-by-step “How to Make a Vision Board” guide from start to finish and after.

To sum up your options:

A DIY vision board is a great reason to get back to your childhood days and have fun while creating a tool that will turn you into a manifestation superhero! However, besides taking time to learn how to make a vision board, make sure you have the right supplies, pictures and come up with a clean structure. Things could easily go in the wrong direction if you overstuff it or get overwhelmed along the way.

An online vision board cuts hours of work enabling you to be a proud owner of this manifestation tool in just minutes. Whether your schedule is tight, or you are impatient to start manifesting all the cool stuff in your life, just go for it.

Some people even decide to get an online vision board after failing to DIY one. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t give up on the idea, just choose the way that works best for you.




Don’t compare your vision board to others, especially not to what you see on social media. Most influencers and social-media personalities will do everything for an Insta-worthy shot. Those crowded vision boards that you might have saved on Pinterest are usually too stuffed to keep your focus. After all, this is a tool to help you create your ideal future, not just a decorative element.

The advantage with online vision boards is that they really look very decorative without being too busy and distracting.

Now that you have every question answered about how to make a vision board, it’s time to create your own! Take an action today and the Universe might surprise you sooner than you think!

What step of the process of creating a vision board do you find most challenging? Would you rather make your vision board online or DIY? We’d love to hear, let us know in the comments!

(Note – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)