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How to Manifest Money: an Effective Step-by-Step Guide

Money makes the world go round, right? And if you are convinced that happiness is not about money, then you simply don’t know how to spend it the right way. These shiny coins and crunchy banknotes can help you explore every corner of our world or you can simply be sure that your kids will always have a roof over their head

Either way, money should be thought of as an instrument rather than a goal. And the more you have – the bigger your goals can get.

How to manifest money? What does that even mean? Are there any techniques that will help you become successful and filthy rich? If there are, then where can you find them? Are there such things as ‘money blocks’ and do I have them?We are going to be answering all of these questions in our article.
Do you want to live a rich life? With the help of the best manifestation techniques, you will be able to attract not only money to your life. But also success, abundance, quality relationships… You name it!


Manifestation? What is that?

In a nutshell, manifestation is about bringing to your future physical life whatever you are thinking about or feeling at the moment. You can manifest an event, a person, money… Basically, anything. And not only the tangible stuff.

Certainly, there are different techniques that you can use to ‘manifest’. The law of attraction, positive thinking, affirmations – these are only a few examples.


What you focus on will soon come to your life.

If you focus on becoming wealthy and earning your first million, this is exactly what kind of charge the energy around you will have. Moreover, it will be attracting the same type of energy closer to you.

Sounds a lot like witchcraft, right? Your thoughts are going to come to life, whether you want it or not.
In fact, the whole life you are living right now has been plotted…by you! Yesterday, a few years ago, in your childhood. You are writing the script of your life with the help of every thought running through your head.


Why does that happen?

Well, there are different explanations and it simply depends on which one you like more. Many scientists believe that everything in our world is made up of energy (yep, even the material stuff). On this energetic level, our life is entirely about exchanging our own energy with everything that surrounds us.


But here is the good news. You have the power to control this energy. You can use it either for creation or for destruction. But remember that every single emotion/event/feeling/wish to which you decide to give your attention become energetically charged. And then come to life.

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, we don’t truly realize the power that we possess. We continue thinking negative thoughts or focusing on the bad things that happen to us (even if they’ve occurred a long time ago). We give our precious energy to the things that we don’t want and don’t love…and end up getting even more of that.

Manifestation can work either way. Towards positive or negative changes. In fact, the law of attraction doesn’t really care what to give you. If you focus on something, the LOA thinks that you need even more of it. In the end, you get another bad day or an incredible work-related opportunity.


Does Manifesting Really Work?

1% of the richest people of our planet owns over half of the globe’s wealth. Impressive, right?

Is there a secret that unites all these incredibly successful people? They have conquered absolutely different spheres. Started at various ages with different backgrounds. Every single one of them has his own story to tell. But there would most certainly be one thing that all these people have in common.

They have mastered the art of manifestation.

Of course, the majority don’t like to share their secrets. But there are successful celebrities that are happy to spread their truly inspirational stories.

Here are just a few examples.


Oprah Winfrey

The Queen of all media, the richest African-American of the twentieth century, one of the most influential figures in the world.

Oprah likes to talk about manifestation, the law of attraction and positive thinking. Moreover, she is convinced that she got her first ever screen part thanks to visualizations.

Back in the middle of the 80s, she had spent months on imagining herself as an actress. The woman had absolutely no acting experience, but there was that one movie that she really wanted to be a part of – “The Color Purple”. Oprah was obsessed with the book. She would even buy a copy for all of her friends and talk about it non-stop. All her attention was focused around the part.

Certainly, she auditioned for the role. But, at that time, Oprah knew no one from the industry and she had never been asked to be in a movie before. Moreover, the woman might have been a bit too fat for the part…But nothing stopped Oprah from picturing herself already playing in the movie.

A few months after the audition, Oprah Winfrey received a call from Steven Spielberg himself. She got the part.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, a box-office star of Hollywood and the 38th Governor of California.

Arnold’s first movie “Stay Hungry” was a failure. He had just left bodybuilding and everyone around kept asking him one single question “for what?!”.

A beast-looking man with a strong Austrian accent and a difficult surname. Certainly, not the right type for Hollywood. But Arnie had a goal. He wanted to become Hollywood’s biggest box-office star. How on earth was he going to achieve that?

Schwarzenegger confessed that he would use the same techniques as he did for bodybuilding. He would focus on the image of who he wants to be and then live his life as if his dreams have already come true.

We all know what happened next.
Impressive, right?


But if the law of attraction and manifestation techniques are so effective, then why isn’t everyone using them? Well, manifestation is not only about practicing various techniques. It is also about following the LOA rules and getting rid of your personal money-blocks. It is a job that requires dedication and patience. Not everyone is capable of that. It is up to you whether you want to grab your opportunity or leave with nothing.

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Manifestation Rules

As we have already mentioned, before starting to use the law of attraction techniques, there are a few extremely important rules that you have to bear in mind.


  • Be aware of the scale of the power that you possess.

It might seem incredibly difficult to estimate how powerful manifestations actually are. Sometimes people start believing in these ‘magical spells’ only after they start bringing some results. But if you realize the true power of the energy from the very beginning, you will be able to achieve so much more. Moreover, you might save yourself from making some fatal mistakes.

Everything in our world is connected with the help of these invisible flows of energy. Every decision you make, every thought you focus on does not only affect your well-being, but also the existence of everything around you. Be respectful and responsible.


  • Take your time to figure out what you really need.

To create the perfect manifestation you have to be sure about what you want to get in the end. What do you want your life to look like? Make sure that you’re sending your energy towards something that you truly desire. There is nothing worse than waking up one day and realizing that all this time you were focusing on the unimportant stuff.


  • There is always something even better waiting for you.

Don’t set any limits. Experienced manifestors know that no matter how big their wish is, there is always something even bigger that the Universe has got prepared for them.

Manifestation is not a race where you simply need to reach the finish line to win. There is no finish line.


  • Direct your wishes towards yourself.

It might seem like a great idea to try and help your loved ones with the help of the manifestation techniques. But the truth is that the law of attraction simply doesn’t work that way.

Only if you direct the wishes towards yourself, they are going to come true. And that applies to money as well. You are not doing any good neither to yourself nor to the person to whom your wish is directed. In a few words, the LOA will simply get confused who it’s working for.


  • Anything is possible.

And you have to believe in that. Only if you open up your mind to all the wonderful things that can happen, they will start happening. The wildest dreams will come true. And you don’t have to see the exact step-by-step plan in front of you in order to believe. Trust the Universe. And it will give you the necessary resources.


The Things that Keep You from Getting Rich

There are such things as ‘money blocks’. No matter how much time you spend on money attracting techniques, you won’t be able to become wealthy, if you have these blocks.

The majority of those have been with you for years! The chances are high that the blocks have settled in your subconscious mind since your childhood.

How to get rid of these monsters? Don’t worry. As soon as you find out what exact money block is keeping you from getting rich, you will be able to crush it.

Which monster is yours?


  1. The way you perceive money.

Money is not an evil force. It is not something filthy or bad. Of course, if you think of it that way, then nothing great is going to happen. The most successful money makers love banknotes and send only positive abundance vibes into the Universe. Money doesn’t have to be the source of your happiness. But you certainly have to have a good stable relationship, instead of a love-hate one.


2. You have a fear of becoming rich.

Surprisingly, it is a common fear. As the majority of people have at least one example when money ruined a person’s life or something of the kind. It will never be you if you focus on the great aspects of being rich.


3. You feel like you don’t deserve it.

Another widespread problem that has to do with low self-esteem. Before even thinking about becoming rich, make sure that you don’t lack self-confidence.

Remember that you deserve all the best things that the Universe has to offer.


4. You feel desperate.

Desperation is something that blocks the money flow like nothing else. But why? After all, it is a strong emotion that only signifies that you really do need this money.

Yes, powerful vibrations are great. But with the case of desperation, the vibes are negative. You think about money, but you also can’t help but imagine how terrible everything is going to be if you don’t get this particular sum. These fears are sent out into the energetic flow and (guess what) the Universe gives you even more of that.

You get what you focus on.


5. You have the wrong type of mindset.

When it comes to money and wealth, you either have an abundance or a scarcity mindset. The latter option is one of the biggest money blocks. But don’t worry. Even if you have had a scarcity mindset for decades, you can still change it to an abundance one.

In a nutshell, there are enough resources for everyone on this planet. And that’s exactly how you should treat money. You shouldn’t try to earn all the dollars of this planet. And you shouldn’t be afraid to share. Whether it’s a banknote, your personal knowledge and experience or your time.


6. You don’t take action.

Ok, maybe the law of attraction and different manifestation techniques do sound like a real-life magic wand. But that does not mean that you have to simply sit in your chair and wait for the money to fall down on your head.

The Universe will be giving you various opportunities and will be permanently knocking at your door. But if you continue turning down wonderful proposals and neglecting all the social events, then the law of attraction simply won’t be able to reach you. The way the Universe gives you anything you ask for is through other people and different opportunities. Stay open to all of that.


A Detailed Guide to Manifesting Money

Ready to get those bucks flowing into your hands? We have combined a simple step-by-step guide, so that you know exactly what you need to do.
There is nothing easier than beginning to use the law of attraction techniques. By the way, attracting abundance and wealth into your life can be exciting and fun! Check it out for yourself.

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  1. What do you need the money for?

Who cares? I simply need a lot!

Unfortunately, that’s not the right manifestation message. The law of attraction loves when you are specific and clear. You certainly don’t want that money to simply be lying around somewhere on your bank account.

So, what do you want to spend that money on? A house, a university degree, a dream vacation? You can always start with something a bit smaller if you want. A microwave or an amazing overcoat, for example.

Specify your desires. But make sure to wish for one thing at a time. Asking for a million so that you can spend it on a car, a round the world trip and a tiger just won’t work. Focus on one aim and you will be surprised by how fast your wish is going to come true


2. How much money do you need?

You need to come up with a specific number. When you assume that you simply need ‘financial freedom’ that is an actual sum as well. What does that ‘freedom’ mean to you? You want to be able to pay all your bills at once, buy new things and spend quite a bit on entertainment? Think about it and write down a specific sum for a month, for example.

You remember that the law of attraction loves clarity, don’t you?


3. Act wealthy.

Basically, manifestation is about faking it till you make it. You can easily smile and act as if you are happy, in case you really want to become more cheerful. But what about money? How can you pretend that you are rich?

Firstly, answer the question for yourself “what it means to you to act wealthy?”. That certainly does not mean something as simple as being able to walk into the shop and buy anything you want. It is also about the overall lifestyle that you lead. You eat good and healthy food, live in a clean and nicely smelling place, pamper yourself and value your time, right? Well, you don’t need thousands of dollars to start acting like that immediately.

Moreover, you can spend some time during the day to plan wonderful vacations and choose your future car, for example. Look at these things as if you can already afford them.


4. Make a money dream board.

Dream boards are extremely helpful. Especially, when it comes to attracting something into your life. Did you know that vision boards can be thematic? You might already have a dream board of your perfect vacation. And now the time has come to make one dedicated solemnly to money.

Use pictures that scream ‘filthy rich’ at you. And don’t forget to include at least a couple of motivational quotes. It is a great idea to place the dream board in a spot where you can frequently see it. Over your working desk can be just the perfect place.


5. Use all senses during visualization (multi-sensory visualization).

You might already know that visualization is an incredibly powerful manifestation technique. To take it to the next level, try using not only your eyesight but also other senses. How does wealth sound to you? Is it a melody of the soft waves that surround your yacht? Touching and even smelling money is also very effective. And remember that the more experiences you relive, the more power your manifestation will have.


6. Multi-perspective visualization.

To become a real visualization guru, you should also master multi-perspective visualization. Try imagining your dream scenario not only from your own perspective. Take a look at the whole scene with the eyes of a third person, so that you can see yourself getting what you want.

Multi-perspective visualization might require some exercise. Sometimes people find it difficult to look at themselves from aside. But if you manage to master this technique, you will be able to attract a lot of money into your life much faster.


7. Use affirmations. (link to prosperity affirmations)

Affirmations are an incredibly effective technique. Moreover, this particular one won’t take a lot of your time. Pick the affirmations that you liked the most and say them out loud for a few minutes at least two times a day. You may look at yourself in the mirror during the process or write the affirmations down, whatever you find works better for you.

These short phrases help you concentrate and focus on your aim and get your thoughts flowing in the right direction. You can’t underestimate that.


8. The glass of water manifestation technique.

Scientists have proven that water is a powerful energy-informational conductor. And it can be used in the manifestation process. There are a few different things you can do.


Write down your favorite affirmation on a piece of paper and attach it to a glass of water. Rub your hands a little and then ‘hug’ the glass. Make sure to say the affirmation out loud. Concentrate on the water while you visualize your wish. Now drink the whole thing.

You can neglect the piece of paper part if you want. The most important thing is to make sure that the water gets your full attention and becomes charged with your energy. Repeat the exercise every morning and evening.


What’s next?

Now you know the secrets and tricks. You can earn a fortune and attract abundance into your life without working for 12 hours per day. Get rid of all the money blocks and use the law of attraction to become extremely wealthy fast. Simply invest your time into mastering the money manifestation techniques.


And don’t forget to share your results with us to inspire the ones who are only getting started!

(NOTE – Want to master the law of attraction to manifest money into your life? Try this ultimate free tool to understand and practice the best techniques that only 1% of the people use them, to attract abundance into your life.)

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