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Law of Attraction Lottery: How To Manifest Your Millions

I won the lottery!

Imagine these words coming from your mouth! Feels exciting, doesn’t it!?

Just think of all the things you could do with your easily “earned” millions.

But then you have a strong reality check: you look at your bank account and you are not a millionaire yet.

What the hell is wrong with the world!? You’ve been buying tickets for years and still nothing! Are you ever going to win the lottery?

Sounds familiar?

If you searched for “Law of Attraction lottery”, chances are that you are wondering how to win the lottery with the Law of Attraction.

Wait, can you really train yourself into manifesting lottery jackpot?

YES, YES and YES! Long story short, you can manifest literally everything that you want with the Law of Attraction.

So, let’s see what you can do about this Law of Attraction lottery thing that sounds so exciting yet so unreal. Get ready to find out how the LOA and lottery are connected.

We just put together the ultimate guide on how to win the lottery with the Law of Attraction along with Law of Attraction lottery success stories and tips that will make your jaw drop.


How to Win The Lottery With The Law of Attraction?

  1. Understand How Manifestation Happens
  2. Get Clear About What You Want
  3. Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs
  4. Practice Manifesting Smaller Things
  5. Win The Lottery of Life
  6. Don’t Desire it Too Badly
  7. Do not Focus on Lack When Not Visualizing
  8. Don’t Expect Instant Manifestation
  9. Don’t Think Of Manifesting Jackpot As a Way Out From Your Financial Problems


The Law of Attraction can work for literally everything which means that you can make it work for winning the lottery. In fact, you are not asking for anything unreal: there are other people who have won the lottery. So, it’s up to you to make it work.

We don’t want to keep you waiting for any longer you up and coming millionaires to be! Here is exactly how to win the lottery with the Law of Attraction. Please note that there is no such recipe that gives instant results. So patience is the key!


Understand How Manifestation Happens

  • Ask
  • Believe
  • Receive

You know, a lot of people hope to win the lottery. So, asking is basically something that everyone does. As Abraham Hicks states “at some point, you have to stop asking and start expecting.”

The thing is that many understand how manifestation happens in theory but have trouble to actually manifest what they want in real life.

Winning the lottery with the Law of Attraction is possible! Get access to the most effective Law of Attraction techniques that only the true masters know about. Learn how the Law of Attraction really works and win the lottery!

You have to visualize and emotionalize even the material things you desire. Because at the end of the day it’s not the money or the things you desire, but how those things make you feel. It’s the feeling you chase.

That’s why you don’t get excited about the car you bought 5 years ago. But that same car made you super excited once. If it was the car itself you’d still be euphoric every time you get on the driver seat. You need to idealize, visualize, emotionalize and actualize all the things you desire.

Get Clear About What You Want

The Universe won’t take you seriously if you ask for “a lot of money.” You can’t even get money from your bank if you don’t have a specific amount in mind. So, wanting “millions and millions” is simply not enough.

Ask the Universe for specific things. It doesn’t have to be money. Ask for that three-story house with a huge backyard and bar by the pool. Ask for the exact car you want to drive & ask and it is given! Specific things hold a bigger emotional value for you rather than just cash. You can easily reach that insanely good feeling when visualizing these things.

What would you do if you win the lottery? Don’t just imagine it, go further! Incorporate powerful daily exercises into your routine to become a money magnet.

Do some serious goal setting, determine your biggest priorities and even put them on a vision board for easier visualization.

Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs

You’ve heard about this Law of Attraction lottery thing, you’ve heard Law of Attraction lottery success stories, but what are the odds for you to make it work?

Don’t ever buy tickets with these thoughts:

“It’s only a few bucks so, I’ll give it a try, but the chances to win are one in a million.”

“I am throwing my money away, but why not give it a try – you’ll never know…”

“I never get anything… It happens to other people, but never me.”


Even if you are focusing your energy on a specific sum, you might have contradictory thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you in any way. The Law of Attraction lottery winning doesn’t work if you block it with your divided energy.

When you recognize your limiting beliefs, chances are that you won’t be able to erase them just like that.

The Law of Attraction lottery theory is a double-edged sword. I had a friend who was religiously buying tickets for years thinking that’s the only way he could become a millionaire. Here is what he was unconsciously saying to himself:

“I am not capable of attracting money in my life, so hopefully I’ll get lucky and someone will give it to me.”

If you are an avid lotto player, you might share the same belief.

By believing that winning the lottery is the only way for you to get financial abundance in your life, you are blocking endless other possibilities that could lead to manifesting those coins. Winning the lottery is just one way to get rich. Don’t exclude the other possible paths for cash flow.

Open yourself to other sources of abundance. Specify the outcome, not the method. You need to know exactly what you want to manifest, not how it’s going to come to you. Overthinking of how it’s going to happen will only bring you more and more limiting beliefs.

Recognize the limiting beliefs that you have and work on getting rid of those!


Practice Manifesting Smaller Things

You can’t just magically erase a belief that you had for so long, so don’t get frustrated right away. You can read Law of Attraction lottery success stories for inspiration, but there is another thing that could really boost your confidence.

Practice manifesting smaller things! Many Law of Attraction lottery winners claim that they started with manifesting smaller amounts. You can start with random things such as a call from your ex, meeting an old friend or finding a free table in your favorite restaurant on a packed Saturday evening.

But what when you are dreaming of something as big as a jackpot!? Don’t just dream about it! Practice the Law of Attraction daily with techniques only a few people know about to be able to live life just like a few people can!

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You have less resistance about smaller things which means it’s easier for you to manifest them. When you think of millions and billions of dollars, it might be harder for you to believe that you’d be the one to make the Law of Attraction lottery concept work for you.

That’s why it’s best to take baby steps. By manifesting smaller things you can convince yourself, that in the same way, you can also attract everything else that you want even winning the lottery!


Win The Lottery of Life

In other words, change your thoughts! Everything starts with a thought. Thinking the same thoughts on regular basis forms a belief. Your thoughts and beliefs determine how you live life.

Changing your thoughts is not something that’s done overnight. You have to invest in yourself to be able to change your mindset.

Invest in books, self-development programs, invest time in watching videos and listening to people you admire as well as Law of Attraction lottery winners and so on.

Why not challenge yourself to win the lottery? It’s really a win-win challenge! You have nothing to lose! Let the wisest Law of Attraction masters guide you on how to become a manifestation guru!

Don’t just do everything for the sake of winning the lottery. Use it as an excuse to improve every area of your life by learning the secret of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction always works when your body, mind, and actions are in alignment.

Why You Haven’t Won The Lottery Yet?

In addition to what you need to do, here are the most common mistakes people make when trying to win the lottery.


You Want It Too Badly

When we want something so badly we become so aware of the lack of it. You can’t win the lottery from a place of despair. If you are desperate to manifest jackpot you’ll continue to be desperate. To win the lottery you already have to see yourself as one those Law of Attraction lottery winners attracting wealth whenever you want. You have to feel abundant just like you’d do when you’ll actually win the lottery. Visualize to reach for that feeling.

You Focus on Lack When Not Visualizing

Visualization influences your subconscious mind to generate creative ideas on how to achieve your desires. It activates the Law of Attraction to work for you bringing you the people, opportunities, and circumstances to achieve what you want.

But visualization is not a magic wand, you can’t visualize yourself winning the lottery for 10 minutes and spend the rest of the day complaining that you don’t have enough money. You have to keep a positive attitude towards the Law of Attraction lottery concept and believe that you are an actual future lottery winner.


You Want to Win Too Much Right Away

You just googled “Law of Attraction lottery” and the next thing you expect is winning a jackpot tomorrow. One of the reasons why most people question does the Law of Attraction really work is because they expect instant manifestation.

We live in a time when you can get most things within minutes. Just think of McDonald’s drive-throughs and Amazon Prime!

However, the laws of nature don’t work in that way. You can’t make an order with the Universe just by clicking on your mouse a few times.

Want to win the lottery? You need to master the Law of Attraction to be able to attract everything that you want. Daily tips and powerful Law of Attraction exercises will help you become a real manifestation maven.

When you want something you have to work on aligning your mind, body, and actions with that desire. This might take a while especially if you are a newbie. The Law of Attraction lottery winning is quite a big thing and for some, it might be even more challenging to get rid of limiting beliefs and actually believe that they’ll win the lottery one day.

What usually happens is people would start to attract smaller amounts and instead of being grateful and keeping up the positive vibe, they’d get angry! That’s the biggest mistake you could ever make!

Celebrate every coin that you win. Say to yourself:

  • “This works!”
  • “I’ll win the next time!”
  • “I always win!”


You might not believe the first time you say so, but powerful affirmations like these will really change your beliefs after a while. Use lottery affirmations to develop a positive mindset and increase your chances of winning.

You Expect The Lottery to Save You From Financial Problems

Although this sounds totally natural, it’s a toxic belief that doesn’t serve you. You can’t manifest abundance with your problems occupying your mind.

Many Law of Attraction lottery winners have said: “I knew I would win the lottery!”

How is this even possible?

They reached the feeling of winning the lottery before the millions landed on their account. Only an abundant mindset can attract abundance.


Law of Attraction Lottery Success Stories: Cynthia P. Stafford

Here is a short almost unbelievable Law of Attraction lottery success story that will make you jump out of bed to buy a ticket:

In January of 2007, Cynthia P. Stafford, a single mother of five, was living in a thousand square foot house, struggling to pay the bills, and dreaming of winning the lottery. Not just any amount but exactly $112 million jackpot. And she really did! Believe it or not, she would buy tickets only a couple times a month.

For three years, she was focusing on winning that exact amount. She slept with the number written on a piece of paper under her pillow, meditated on winning a $112 million jackpot, and visualized how manifesting lottery jackpot would make her feel. The exact amount landed on her account three years later. She credits manifesting lottery jackpot on the Law of Attraction.

“I had been focusing on winning for so long that when I did finally win, it didn’t even feel random; it felt like I had made it happen,” she said during an interview with Marie Claire.

There are people who have won the lottery thanks to the Law Of Attraction. If they could do it, you could do it too! Get advice straight from the biggest Law of Attraction gurus to master this Universal Law and make it work in your favor.



First of all, buying dozens of tickets won’t necessarily make you the next big lottery winner. Cynthia played only a couple of tickets every month, so don’t try to justify that more tickets will increase your chances.

So, “How to win the lottery with the Law of Attraction?”

See yourself in possession of the millions you desire, the house you dream of… Moreover, get your vision, goals, beliefs, and actions in harmony. Those who are physically and mentally aligned with winning the lottery will win, but that’s for sure just a few of all of the people who buy tickets on regular basis. That’s why winning the lottery seems so difficult!

Don’t go hard on yourself for not winning the lottery over and over again. After all, mastering this Law of Attraction lottery thing is just one of your options, not your only priority.

Don’t ever believe that winning the lottery is the only way for you to get rich for the sake of the balance in your bank account! There are millions of ways you can become a millionaire. Don’t close the doors to the other awesome opportunities around you.

Understand that the greatest source of wealth is inside you. A year, few years of being in alignment and doing what you love can make wonders for you! Invest in yourself and unleash your full potential.

Read our comprehensive Law of Attraction lottery guide over and over if needed. Apply these Law of Attraction tips and patiently wait to see what will happen.

Allow us to tickle your imagination a bit and get you started on a fun visualizing session:

What would you do with all that millions if you win the lottery? We are so excited to read your answers!

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