Make a Life Map – Direct Your Life As You Wish

Can you direct your life as you please?

Absolutely! Believe it or not, there’s a tool for that. It’s called a life map.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Hold on before you think this is some sort of a game for little kids.

Life is kind of like a roller coaster. One moment you admire the heights, the next moment you might fear the lows. The highest and the lowest points are usually the ones you remember the most.


A life map is a series of drawings and symbols that represent the most important events in your life, both past, and future. You can use words on a life map, but it’s better to focus on a visual representation of the important happenings in your life. You can also use a life map template to make a life map.

But wait, why would someone want to spend time drawing and remembering the worst experiences in life?

Sometimes you just feel lost on the way. You might question how did you get to a certain point in life. A life map exercise will help you get a better perspective on the bigger picture.

In this article, we’ll go through the benefits of life mapping, life map examples as well as teach you how to make a life map for yourself.


Why Create a Life Map?

Life map is a tool to help you get more organized in life. When you have to make an important decision that will change the course of your life, life mapping might help you make the right choice.

A life map will help you get a better perspective over your life by seeing your past and future events in one place. Determine your true desires and brainstorm how can you incorporate them on your life map.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in the middle or confused what steps to take and moves to make in the future, a life mapping exercise will help you clear your mind.

Among other things, you want to create a life map to write your life story in your own words, therefore create your future.

Although life mapping could be helpful, there is another tool that is far more effective than a life map when it comes to creating your desired reality.

A vision board is a visualization tool that features all your highest priorities. It’s a collage of images that reflect your biggest goals and desires along with quotes and affirmations that speak to you.

This tool utilizes the power of visualization to help you manifest your desired reality.

Visualization activates The Law Of Attraction for you, letting the Universe know that you are into the receptive mode. It allows you to see yourself in possession of everything you desire before you physically get there.


How Life Map Helps You?

Looking at the most important past and future events in one place will help you see the situation from a new angle.

You’ll get to see your biggest problems that might’ve seemed unsolvable in the past right next to your biggest victories. You’ll get to realize that after all, you are very strong. Those events that once brought you down are nothing compared to your best moments.

On top of that, you’ll find it easier to prioritize when you have a map of your life in front of you.

However, a life map is quite challenging to make. It’s recommended to represent your most important life events with drawings.

Although you shouldn’t care about how appealing your life map ends up to be, you still have to create drawings that accurately represent the events.

What about those who hated art class since day one?

To be honest this might be tricky if you are a natural anti-talent for drawing. You can skip the drawing and opt for a life map with words only, but these tend to look too messy.

Hundreds of words and arrows on a single piece of paper could confuse the hell out of you instead of clearing things up.

So, what to do if you desperately need to identify your priorities?

You can create a vision board!  

First, discover your core values, which takes minutes compared to drawing and sketching. They are the internal compass that helps you determine the desires that are the closest to your heart.

What’s important is that you don’t have to be crafty to get your hands on a vision board. You can create a vision board online in ten to thirty minutes thanks to our fast and easy-to-use online vision board maker.


How to Create a Life Map?

  1. Gather Your Main Supplies
  2. Decide Which Additional Materials You’ll Use
  3. Choose The Purpose of Your Life Map
  4. Plan Out Your Life Map
  5. Let Your Creativity Flow
  6. Create The Timeline
  7. Start With The Present Year
  8. Think of Your Most Important Past Events
  9. Create Your Future
  10. Review Your Life Map
  11. Update Your Life Map


  1. Gather Your Main Supplies

Depending on what kind of life map you want to create, you’ll need:

  • A piece of paper for one-page life map
  • Copy paper or notebook for a book style life map with multiple pages


2. Decide Which Additional Materials You’ll Use

  • Pen or pencil
  • Colored Pens, markers, crayons
  • Magazines (optional, if you want to represent the events with images from magazines instead of drawings)
  • Ruler

3. Choose The Purpose of Your Life Map

You can skip this step if you do life mapping to get a greater perspective of your life in general. However, you might want to choose a specific purpose, for example, “Things I Want to Do,” “Passions,” “Career” and so on. Then you can use this purpose as a central point and divide it into categories as well as specific activities that are connected with one another with arrows.


4. Plan Out Your Life Map

Depending on what type of life map you chose from step 1, you have to come up with the desired structure.

Here are some life map ideas to get inspired:


  • If you are making a one-page life map, you can start with one central point like explained above and go from there.

  • If you opt for book style life map you can divide the page into two or more sections and each section can represent a year of your life.



5. Let Your Creativity Flow

Get into a creative mood! Use colored pens and markers to create vibrant images. You life map needs to be full of personality. It’s time to create a  life story that gets you excited!

However, don’t forget to include both positive and negative events. Regardless of the negative events, you can always be the hero of your story.

What if you don’t like the idea of recalling negative experiences and adding them on your life map? Make a vision board and focus only on what makes you feel good! Discover your biggest desires first to be able to utilize this manifestation tool.

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)


6. Create The Timeline

You need to create a timeline that starts from your birth, continues in the present and goes into the future. It’s basically a chronological order of your life story.

7. Start With The Present Year

It’s recommended that you start with the present year and go backward. Think of the important events you had in near past and decide which ones will get a spot on your life map.


8. Think of Your Most Important Past Events

As you go back in the years of your childhood you might find it hard to remember details. This side of your life map will most certainly feature fewer events. Don’t go hard on yourself, it’s totally normal to have fewer memories from back in the days.


9. Create Your Future

Here comes the fun part! Now it’s the time to literally draw your future as you wish!

  • Want to make a 3-week exotic trip next summer?
  • Planning to get married by 30?
  • Buy your own house by 35?

Think of the events you wish to have in the future and represent them with an accurate image and text.

Creating a life map is like giving directions to yourself for your future path. This may help you understand some aspects of your life better. However, you still need to identify your true desires and prioritize to be able to progress in life.


10. Review Your Life Map

Think of the events that made it on your life map.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What have I learned from looking at my Life Map?
  • Is there anything on my Life Map that surprises me?
  • If my life map comes true, would I be happy with that?
  • Based on my Life Map, what I want to achieve this year?

Take your time and come up with your own questions and conclusions.


11. Update Your Life Map

Your life map is a work in progress. You can update it every few months and add new events.

You can also take a look at your life map every time you need to make an important decision to see how that fits in your life map.

Does it seem like too much work to you?

Honestly, it is… A life map might give you a better perspective over your life after hours and even days of drawing and writing.

But what happens after that?

You might forget it in the last drawer of your bedroom cupboard. This is where most people mess up. They simply won’t keep going.

We founded Amazer to make sure that you attack your goals and don’t let them go until achieved!

Here is what we do:

We make the world a better place by teaching people to go after their wildest dreams with the help of vision boards. A vision board requires your daily attention. Visualizing a few times a day will help you manifest your dreams more easily.

People who get to live their dreams are happy people. So, we basically came up with a machine for happiness in the form of an online vision board maker.

Life map might give you clarity, but a vision board can help you to actually make things happen! Discover your biggest desires to be able to build a powerful vision board that works.


Share Your Life Map With Friends

Take the life mapping exercise to the next level by sharing it with your friends.

Once you share your life map with others it’s like making a promise to yourself to make it happen.

You can even create a life map together and be accountability partners to one another. This will help you stay on track as you wouldn’t want to bring yourself and your friend down.

Here is a life map template you could follow with your pal.


Creating a life map is quite a good exercise to get a better look on your life and plan your desired future.

For craft lovers, it’s a fun way to discover what path to take or what decision to make. By charting your path you basically decide what you want for yourself in the future.

However, life mapping is one long DIY project. Only a few could afford to spend a day drawing and coloring.

Is making a life map worth your time when you can quickly discover your core values which will help you recognize your biggest desires?

It sure feels like a whole a lot of extra work, don’t you think so?

On top of that, after making your life map, you might get easily discouraged from the bumps along the road.

A vision board, on the other hand, helps you get that feeling of achievement, fulfillment, and victory before the physical manifestation happens. You get to feel good while traveling to the final destination. You get to feel good every day!

No need to spend hours sketching your life and go through unpleasant events that caused you pain to recognize your biggest desires.

The Amazer team of experts won’t let you do anything that doesn’t feel good. With us, you can determine your highest priorities and get a 100% unique vision board in no time.

Whether you decide to make a life map or create a vision board online, you are the one that’s in charge of telling the story.

So, make it a good one!

Allow us to get you started: What’s the first thing you want to manifest in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

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