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Tips On How to Use the Secret Check to Manifest Money

Are you finally ready to change the course of your life and start living in abundance? When you don’t have enough money, your life becomes a struggle. You’re worried about paying the bills, providing for your kids, and on top of everything, you are stressed because you work too much.

It’s time to change that and create different circumstances for yourself.

Although money shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your life, you have to admit that it’s absolutely necessary for living your dream life. So you should take matters into your own hands and manifest more money.

You may be wondering, “What’s the quickest way for manifesting a lot of money?” Trust me, you’re not the only one who’s thinking about that. Have you ever heard about The Secret Check? As you might guess, it comes from the most popular law of attraction book The Secret and it’s a perfect tool for acquiring as much money as you want.

If you want to find out everything about this magic check and how to use it to manifest money and wealth, then you need to read this article. I’m going explain all you need to know about The Secret Bank of the Universe Check so stay tuned.

The Secret Book

Before we get into how to use The Secret Check, you should know where it comes from. In case you haven’t read The Secret, it is hands down the most popular law of attraction book, written by Rhonda Byrne.

The law of attraction is the topic of many books, some of which are pretty old, but The Secret is responsible for popularizing it and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

It is a great book for beginners and those who want to learn the law of attraction basics because it is written in a very simple way and provides an overview of the basic law of attraction techniques. Rhonda Byrne is a great teacher with a lot of wisdom, which you can see from The Secret quotes.

However, if you want to learn how to manifest without having to read any books, you can do so if you sign up to receive LOA information for beginners. You will master all of the law of attraction basics that are needed for manifesting.


What Is the Secret Check?

The Secret Bank of the Universe Check is a magical check that is used to attract money, wealth, and abundance. It is one of the best law of attraction money tools out there.

It is an actual check that you can print and fill out, but not cash in. However, keeping it close by has an influence on the law of attraction and enables you to manifest money quick.

How Does the Secret Check of the Universe Work?

The point of The Secret Check is to fill it in with the amount of money you want to receive from the Universe. And then the law of attraction is activated and the Universe works for you and gets you the money you asked for.

In essence, what you’re doing is asking for a certain amount of money from the Universe, which is the first step of the manifesting process. If you want to attract something, you first need to define what you want and then ask for it. You need to understand these basics principles of manifestation in order to use The Secret check successfully. The quickest way to master the basic process for manifesting is through simple exercises that will make you a law of attraction guru.


Defining Your Money Goals

What makes The Secret Check a great tool or manifesting money is that it encourages you to write down a specific amount of money you want to attract. Where most people usually go wrong when defining their money goals and trying to ask for more money is that they’re not specific enough.

The Universe doesn’t respond well to “I want a lot of money,” or “I want more money” because that’s not specific enough. It’s much better to ask for a specific amount of money you want to attract. For example, “I want $5000 by the end of December” is a much better way to activate the law of attraction.

That’s why using The Secret Check is so beneficial. You need to write down a specific amount of money you want to attract.

The Secret Check also helps with another step of the manifesting process which is believing that it is already happening. As you might know, when you’re trying to manifest something, you need to act as if you already have it. So if you’re trying to manifest abundance, you need to already believe that you’re living in abundance.

This magic check helps with that part of the process because you can look at a physical check with the amount of money written down. That helps you feel like it’s actually real. And all of that results in the law of attraction activating and the Universe sending you that exact amount of money that you asked for!

The Magic Check

Does The Secret Check Actually Work?

Some of you might be skeptical when it comes to magical checks bringing you a lot of money because it simply sounds too perfect to be true. But if you understand the manifestation process, it’s actually quite reasonable.

Not to mention that there are many The Secret Check success stories. One The Secret reader Larry Weaver says on his website, “I decided to give it a try. As Q1 drew to a close, I needed quite a bit of money to meet my financial goal for the quarter. I knew it was possible, but I wasn’t sure where the money would come from, I went to The Secret website, printed out their “Bank of the Universe” blank check (to help me visualize the money coming in), and filled it out. I posted it on my refrigerator so I would be reminded every day that it was coming. Then I waited…

Let me be clear about this. I fully believed that I would receive this money. As the month passed by, I never doubted.

Sure enough, the money came. I opened my mail to find an unexpected check in the amount of… $108,559.00!

That’s only one example of The Secret Check success story, there are tons of similar ones.

But the best way to see that The Secret Check actually works is to actually try it. In general, the best proof for the law of attraction is to do it yourself and see the results in your own life.

Using The Secret Check of the Universe is quite simple, so why not just test it out?

How to Use The Secret Check?

Now let’s get to the more practical stuff, how to actually use The Secret Check to manifest money and wealth? I think the easiest way to learn how to use this magic check is to follow a simple step-by-step process that explains everything you need to know in order to successfully manifest.



Think About Your Money Goals

Before you fill out the check, you need to know exactly how much money you’re going to ask for. The idea of the check is that you define a yearly income that you aim for. It should be an income that’s ideal for you, but still within the realm of reason because you might not want to ask the Universe for a billion-dollar income, however great that may sound.

I recommend starting with something reasonable until you master the magic check technique. So chose a number that’s above your current income and would solve your current money problems or would allow you to buy something that you really, really want.

Once you manifest that, you can play around with higher numbers because you can use The Secret Check over and over again. There are no limitations, you simply need to fill out a new check and repeat all of the steps for manifestation. If you want to truly master these steps and start manifesting like a guru, you need to learn and practice all of the basics law of attraction techniques. That way you can start attracting larger amounts of money.


Fill the Check Out    

Now we’re getting to the fun part – filling out The Secret Check! (Of course, you need to print it out before you start filling it out).

The first thing you need to fill out is your name, that goes next to “Pay.” Next to that, on the blank white space, you write down the amount in numbers. For example, $100 000. Then under “To the order of” you write down the number in words. For example, “One hundred thousand”.

You also need to write down the date and don’t forget to sign your check!

How simple is that?

Keep It Somewhere Visible

Now that The Secret Check from the Bank of the Universe is filled up, you need to keep it somewhere where you can see it every day. Some choose to carry it around with them in their wallet or bag, but that’s not ideal since you will have to remind yourself to actually look at the check.

A much better idea is to place the check somewhere on your wall where it’s clearly visible. Another great idea is to place it on your vision board if you have one. A vision board is a collection of your goals and dreams that you visualize often. If you’re serious about the law of attraction and manifesting, you should definitely make your vision board.


Believe and Visualize

The most important thing now is to feel that you already have that money and be grateful for it. Although it may sound weird, this is the quickest way to manifest money and wealth.

You need to make that check real in your mind and truly believe it. In other words, visualize! If you’re not familiar with this law of attraction technique, the key is to imagine that which you wish to attract, in this case, money, and be very creative. If you want to master the visualization technique, you should get more information and exercises that will train you to visualize better and manifest that magic check.

Visualize having that money and spending it on something that you really want. It can be simply paying your bills, but you can also imagine buying that new iPhone that you wanted or a gorgeous dress that you’ve seen at the store. You might want to spend that money on your partner and go on a luxurious vacation just for the two of you. Whatever it may be, you need to imagine like it’s already happening so feel all of the positive emotions that this money would bring to you.

And if you placed The Secret check in a prominent place in your home or on your vision board like I suggested, that will be your reminder to visualize many times each day. That will connect you to the vibrational frequency of money and draw it into your life.


Allow for It to Happen

If you have done all of the previous steps, that means the money is on its way to you right now. The most important thing now is to keep your vibration high in order to allow it to happen.

Many people either forget about The Secret Check or start doubting that they will manifest that money. That kind of negative thinking instantly lowers your vibration and prevents you from manifesting.

In order to avoid that, you need to continue thinking and feeling positive. Gratitude, optimism, enthusiasm, and joy are the emotions you want to cling to during the manifestation process.

If that gets hard at any point, try meditating or writing in your gratitude journal. That will keep you focused on the positive and allow money and abundance to come into your life.

Bonus Tip: Law of Attraction Money Affirmations

If you’re having trouble keeping your vibration at a high frequency while you’re trying to make The Secret Check a reality, I recommend using some law of attraction money affirmations.

Money affirmations are positive statements about money that will help you feel positive and manifest money quicker. You can repeat them before or after you visualize your The Secret Check or any time you feel any doubt or negative emotions towards money. I have designed the following law of attraction money affirmations specifically for those of you working with the magic check.


The Secret Check Money Affirmations

  • “I have the power to manifest the exact amount of money that’s written on my magic check.”
  • “I feel gratitude for all the money that I have.”
  • “Manifesting money is effortless for me.”
  • “My thoughts and beliefs about money are positive.”
  • “I believe I deserve to have a lot of money.”



You have to admit that having enough money to support your desired lifestyle is crucial. If you lack money to pay your bills or put your kids through school, you just won’t be able to enjoy your life to the fullest, and that’s what you deserve. You are here to live your best life.

The Secret Check is a great tool for manifesting money and using the law of attraction to your benefit. So print that check, fill it up, and start attracting money!

What do you think about using The Secret Check for attracting money? Have you tried it? I want to hear what you think!

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