Vision Board Party: Fun Way to Get Exactly What You Want

Have you ever been to a party that changed your entire life?

Unless you meet a special someone at a party, you just have a good time and move on with your life. You might even feel like sh*t the next day, trying to get your life together… Sometimes you have to deal with that morning-after awkwardness…

What if we tell you there is a hell of a good party that actually changes your life for the better. You are energized, fresh and ready to conquer the world the morning after!

Have you ever heard of a vision board party?

A vision board party is a life-changing event you want to host or get invited to. The point of a vision board party isn’t just to have the best time ever, but to live your best life all the time!

The main idea is to invite all your favorite people, and put your biggest dreams on a vision board instead of leaving them to collect dust on the shelf.

A vision board is a collage that represents all the things you want to attract in life. What better way to get your hands on this powerful manifestation tool than surrounded by your dearest and nearest?

We are so excited to teach how to throw the most epic vision board party and what exactly to do on an event of this type.

Who’s ready to party?

Let the show begin!


What is a Vision Board Party?

A vision board party is a private gathering where the attendees set aside the time to map out their future goals and create vision boards.

This isn’t a typical night where you just touch important life questions and have a vivid discussion until the morning hours. At a vision board party, you actually have to get your hands dirty! This means messing around with a bunch of old magazines, scissors, glue, stickers, colored pens and etc.

This is the big night where you will create a powerful manifestation tool that will help you see your desired reality before you actually manifest it. A vision board will prime your mind for success and send signals to the Universe that you are so ready to live your best life.

It doesn’t have to be night-time. You can host a vision board party at any time of the day. Weekends may be the best option as almost everyone is relaxed and has free time.

Gathering together friends and family for the purpose of creating the desired reality is such a wonderful experience! If anyone in your group struggles to capture his/her “perfect reality” you have to make sure they know their exact core values.


How to Host a Vision Board Party

  1. Make a list of people you want to invite to your awesome vision board party
  2. Send invitations
  3. Ask your guests to bring certain things with them
  4. Prepare an organized and inspiring workspace
  5. Prepare some good food to get you all fired up
  6. Explain to the group the purpose of this vision board party
  7. Let the guests talk about their goals and dreams
  8. Give advice to one another about vision boards, visualization etc
  9. Create Your Vision Boards
  10. Choose An Accountability Partner to Help You Stay on Track


Make A List Of People You Want To Invite To Your Awesome Vision Board Party

Just keep it sweet and simple! Remember this is not the party to do crazy stuff and get wasted. Choose a manageable number (6-12 people). Choose your guests wisely. Feel free to leave out that friend that is always skeptical and pessimistic about everything. Low vibrations aren’t allowed at your vision board party!

Make sure that there is enough room for everyone around your kitchen table or anywhere where you can stay close together. Everyone needs to have enough space to spread out their boards.

Having enough space for six or more people to place their supplies for a DIY project and work comfortably might be an issue for many.

Guess what?

You can still host a vision board party without having to reduce your guest list.

Here at Amazer, we don’t want anything to stop you from getting your hands on a unique vision board. We developed the easiest way to get your perfect vision board without any hassle.

Instead of gathering all the supplies and looking for a space that will accommodate everyone, you can make your vision board online. Invite your friends and family over, talk about your dreams and goals and get our experts involved.

You can make multiple vision boards in a matter of minutes. Once your vision boards are ready you’ll have a lot of time to admire your unique creations. And to talk about all the great things you are about to attract in your lives.

(Note – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)


Send Invitations

if you don’t want extra stress in your life feel free to send email invitations. You can use platforms like Canva to make a cool vision board party invitation in just minutes. You can also put some inspiring message along with all the details on your vision board party invitation.

You can also create a private Facebook event and attach a vision board party flyer as a cover photo. This way you can keep the group updated with all the information about the event.

Inspire your guests to start thinking about their priorities in life before showing up at your vision board party.

Your guests can’t just show up unprepared at your vision board party. They need to know their core values to be able to set clear goals and craft a powerful vision board that will manifest their desired reality.


Ask Your Guests To Bring Certain Things With Them

You can state in the invitation or your Facebook event what each of the guests invited to your vision board party needs to bring. Some of the supplies you may need your guests to bring include:

  • their own pair of scissors as you might not have as many at home
  • old magazines
  • decorations they’d like to use such as stickers, vision board cards, postcards…
  • list of their biggest goals, dreams, desires
  • list of their favorite quotes and affirmations that resonate with them
  • food (you can split the weight and have everyone bring something)


Prepare An Organized And Inspiring Workspace

As a host to a vision board party, you are in charge of the space. Make sure that you remove distracting elements, so everyone can have a good time while creating their future.

Additionally, you can add some motivational quotes to the table, stick or hang inspirational words around the room to boost everyone’s inspiration.


Prepare Some Good Food To Get You All Fired Up

You can prepare the food or ask each one of your guests to bring something like wine, appetizers, and deserts. You can also take your vision board party to the next level by serving delicious healthy food.  Food that boosts your energy.

This will inspire those of you who want to focus on the well-being of your body with the help of a vision board.


Explain To The Group The Purpose Of The Vision Board Party

It’s recommended to have one person as a spokesman at a vision board party. As a host, you can choose to get into this role or pass it to one of your guests. The spokesperson should make it clear that the purpose of a vision board party is everyone to leave the place with a vision board.

Walk the guests through the entire process so everyone knows what to expect from the very beginning. Make sure that each of the attendees understands what is a vision board and how to use it.

Here is a comprehensive Vision Board 101 that you could read to your guests or ask everyone to read it before coming to the vision board party.

As a host to a vision board party you have to prepare the attendees. You have to make sure they all know their core values which will help them determine what to put on their vision board.


Let The Guests Talk About Their Goals And Dreams

Leave enough space for everyone to share what they want to attract in their life. Have everyone write down their goals and dreams if they haven’t already.


Give Advice To One Another About Vision Boards & Visualization

Once the vision board party group has mapped out their priorities, it’s time for some tips on how to create a vision board that works. You and the rest of the guests who have a knowledge of vision boards can help the group with the structure and appearance of their vision board.

If none of you is very experienced when it comes to vision boards, don’t hesitate to seek expert help. We developed a way of creating a vision board that is almost like talking to one of your friends who happens to be an expert on this topic.

We’ll walk you through the entire process. And in the end, each one of you will have a customized vision board that reflects all your biggest goals and desires. Our team will also send you a practical guide on how to use your vision board to attract anything that you want.


Create Your Vision Boards

If you decide to create your vision boards online, you won’t need to have any additional knowledge. All you have to do is choose a preferred design, layout and select photos that reflect your vision. Our experts will take care of the rest.

If you want to go for DIY vision boards, please check our step-by-step guide that will teach you how to craft a powerful manifestation tool that works.

Remember that vision boards work only if you put the true passions that evoke feelings in you and make the energy flow. You need to determine your true desires before making a vision board.


Choose An Accountability Partner to Help You Stay on Track

Moreover, In addition to making a vision board at a vision board party, each one of you can choose an accountability partner. This will provide support and help you stay on track with your goals.

You won’t be able to put your vision board in the corner of your closet and forget about it after the vision board party. Your vision board pal will be here to check if you are really working towards making your dreams come true.


What Do You Need For A Vision Board Party

  • One poster board per person or any kind of board
  • A bunch of glue sticks
  • Many pairs of scissors
  • Markers
  • Colored Pens
  • Old magazines
  • Stickers, vision board cards, and other decorative elements
  • Motivational quotes, inspirational words, affirmations
  • Food and drinks to share

If you decide to create a vision board online, you won’t need any of these things except food and drinks. A vision party means a huge DIY project which will leave quite a mess. If you want to get your hands on this manifestation tool without messing around with DIY supplies. Simply make your vision boards online.


What to Do At A Vision Board Party

  • Set a positive tone at a vision board party ( a positive and judgment-free atmosphere is a must)
  • Remind everyone to behave respectively to one another (sarcastic jokes regarding someone’s dreams and goals aren’t welcome)
  • Introduce and explain what is a vision board and give instructions on the subject
  • Leave space for discussion after presenting the topic
  • Make sure everyone understands what is a vision board and how it works
  • Don’t lose focus and waste time talking about irrelevant subjects (you and your friends can always do this later!)
  • Everyone has to have a vision board ready by the end of the vision board party (no exclusions!)
  • Eat, drink and create your preferred future while having fun!


Who’s Ready For a Vision Board Party?

This is the party that will make you sit down and create a powerful vision board. A party which will attract all the awesome things you desire.

Vision board is a great idea but sounds like a lot of work to make. Gathering your friends and family will actually make you spare some time, sit down and create a powerful vision board that will help you attract everything that you want.

You can avoid all the mess that comes with DIY vision board and create a dream board online. Our vision board experts will go the extra mile to make this process fun and enjoyable for you! So, you don’t really have an excuse to keep putting it off!

Chances that you’ll put your vision board in the basement after a vision board party are minimal.


  • You increase the chance of achieving your goals when you share them with others. You will be extra motivated to work on your dreams knowing that all the people who attended the vision board party are doing the same and progressing!
  • If you decide to get an accountability partner even better! You will set your vision board on fire knowing that there is someone who champions you all the time! You can’t let yourself and your pal down, right?

Are you all hyped up to host or attend a vision party that will change your life? Let us know in the comments!

(Note – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

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