Vision Board vs Action Board vs Dream Board vs Motivation Board vs Goal Board

What does it take to make it happen?

Ask Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates… any of those billions-of-dollars worth big shots. Each one of them will tell you “to believe in yourself” or “work hard” or something along those lines.

Although they are damn right (their bank account says enough), these words alone will hardly make you jump out of bed every day.

Let’s face it: we are strongly visual beings. So, chances are that you need something visual that will keep you going.

You really have plenty of choices! Vision board, action board, dream board, motivation board, and goal board are here to help you make it happen..

In other words, you need a manifestation tool. They usually look like boards, because, obviously, you can’t miss a board that’s staring at you.

Moreover, manifestation tools are tools that make your desires, goals and your overall vision more tangible to you.

In this article, we are breaking down every of these most popular manifestation tools for you to decide what’s your best bet.

Let’s dive in!


What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a manifestation tool that features a collage of your biggest desires and goals along with quotes, affirmations and other words of wisdom that speak to you. It’s all about your desired reality and how that makes you feel.

In its essence, a vision board is a tool that gives you clarity over your priorities and keeps you focused daily on your goals.

There are so many successful people that swear by vision boards that you just have to try it for yourself! Since you have a limited space, you need to determine your biggest desires and goals that you want to manifest.

The likes of Oprah, Steve Harvey, Reese Witherspoon, Katy Perry… even Beyonce do vision boarding!

So, if you decide to make one, you’d be in a pretty good company.

Here are some vision board ideas to get inspired:

Creating a vision board the old fashioned way includes cutting images and words from magazines and pasting them on a board. It’s a time-consuming DIY project that requires a relaxing atmosphere and space.

Fast forward to today, the schedule of an average modern person is way too stuffed to accommodate an hours-long DIY project.

So, how to find time to mess around with scissors and magazines, if you barely have time to take a shower?

Create a vision board online! It’s easy, fast and fun! Most importantly, it doesn’t feel like hard work.

Here at Amazer, we are committed to making vision boarding simple. You just have to choose the desired appearance by selecting your preferences and we’ll take care of the rest. You can have a 100% unique vision board in less than thirty minutes.

How Does a Vision Board Work?

First things first, you have to place your vision board somewhere you can see it every day. Then you need to spend time with it, preferably every morning and before going to sleep.

You have to utilize the power of visualization to make your vision board work.

Visualization helps you in many ways:

  • Stimulates your subconscious mind to come up with ideas to achieve your goal
  • Programs your brain to recognize all the resources and opportunities to achieve your goals
  • It triggers The Law of Attraction by bringing people, resources, and opportunities in your life experience that you need to achieve your goals
  • Motivates you to take the needed actions to turn your dreams into reality

With daily visualization, you train yourself to receive everything that you want. On top of that, you practice feeling good by looking at it and visualizing your desired reality.

Not only that vision boarding helps you get to the final destination more easily, but makes the entire journey more enjoyable and pleasing for you!

What Is An Action Board?

An action board could be considered as an extension of a vision board. Aside from that, you might also decide to have only an action board.

The action board consists of the specific actions that you need to take in order to achieve a specific desire or goal.

Here is an example on how you can make an action board out of your vision board. Instead of just words, you can attach a specific photo of the actions you want to take.

Vision board is usually done once a year. With an action board, you can break your vision board into monthly or weekly boards that consist of the actions you need to take to achieve your final goals.

An action board will help you determine the small actions you need to take in order to achieve the big goal.


How Does An Action Board Work?

First of all, decide what would work best for you, a weekly or monthly action board. Look at your vision board and pick one or more of your big goals.

Ready for some action?

Ask yourself:


What actions can I take this week/month to help me reach my goal/goals?

You have to think of specific actions that will get you closer and closer to achieving your final goals. Your final goals may be related to health, fitness, finance, career. Here are some examples of specific actions to put on your action board:

  • Meditate every morning
  • Walk in nature 3 times a week
  • Hit the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work
  • Spend more quality time with my partner (turn off my phone for a few hours every day and go on a date night on Saturday)
  • Have lunch with a friend
  • Read a book

You can make your action board as visually appealing or basic as you wish. Keep it in front of your eyes every day to remind yourself what specific actions you need to take that day that will get you closer to your final goals.

Make sure you include very specific actions because otherwise, you might find a way to cheat on your action board.

For example: “Hit the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work” refers to a very specific action.

If you do something like “Workout every day,” you might consider walking like some sort of workout and skip the gym more often. If your dream body includes rock-hard abs, walking won’t get you the six-pack you want so bad.


Vision Board Vs Action Board

A vision board requires you to visualize daily and focus on how achieving your goals and manifesting your desires makes you feel. This helps you enjoy the journey and actually sense how living your best life feels before manifesting it.

The vision board activates The Law of Attraction like no other manifestation tool. To make it work acknowledge your biggest desires and put them on your vision board. This way you’ll get inspired to visualize.

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)


With visualization, you will attract circumstances, people and opportunities that will help you attain your desired reality.

Action board consists only of specific actions. However, your vision board is what motivates you and keeps you going. You might not feel inspired to take the needed action if you don’t truly know the taste of the reward. It doesn’t hold much of a spiritual value.

That’s why you should consider the action board as an upgrade of your vision board. We can help you create a vision board online that inspires you to see yourself living your best life and motivates you to take action.

Additionally, you could make a small action board with specific actions to take every week or month.


What is a Dream Board?

First of all, let’s clear something out. Many times a vision board and dream board are used in the same context. This isn’t necessarily wrong. Both are visualization tools that work in the same way. However, there are some differences that you should know.


Vision Board Vs Dream Board

A dream board consists of your biggest long-term dreams and goals. A vision board, on the other hand, is a bit more specific meaning you’d put your highest priorities for the next year or so.

Let’s say you want to start your own business which will later partner with a charity. Your dream to give back is a long-term dream. You have to focus on building that business first.

Vision boards give you clarity over what you want to attract the most at a given moment. Your vision board is the tool that can help you smash those big goals and move on to the next ones.

Another thing worth mentioning is the word choice.


Take a look at this:

  • I dream of having a beach house with infinity pool.
  • I see myself having a beach house with infinity pool.

The first sentence sounds like a wish, a possibility that maybe one day… The second sentence is a vision. It’s powerful. It’s happening!

A vision means that you can see yourself in possession of what you desire. You can sense how that makes you feel.

You have to dream big to come up with brilliant ideas. But a vision is what takes your dream to the level where you believe that you can live the dream.

That’s why we suggest using the term “vision board.”

To use any of these manifestation tools you must determine your highest priorities in life. Review your core values to easily recognize what’s most important to you.


What is a Motivation Board?

Motivation board is a decorative board that tracks your progress. This manifestation tool is used to motivate you towards achieving a specific goal.

You can make a motivation board for any specific goal that you like. Students, entrepreneurs, people who want to lose weight, everyone could use a motivation board in their life.

One of the most common types is a weight loss motivation board. It can include a system that shows how many pounds/kilograms you have lost, before and after photos of your progress so far, life-changing Law of Attraction quotes and words as well as images of bodies you admire.

Make sure they are similar to your body type – there is no use in putting Adriana Lima if you are shorter and your body is naturally curvier.

How Does a Motivation Board Work?

Motivation board should be as visually appealing as a decorative element in your apartment. You should be motivated just by looking at it. That’s why it should include a system that tracks your progress. That way you’ll be motivated to add more to the side that shows your achievement.

The motivation board is also a visualization tool that includes images and motivational words that speak to you. In order to boost your motivation you shouldn’t just focus on the progress itself, but visualize how achieving that goal makes you feel.

Vision Board vs Action Board vs Motivation Board

It’s safe to say that a motivation board it’s a little bit of both. It features images and words of wisdom that resonate with you just like a vision board does. On the other hand, it might include some specific actions to remind you what you need to do on regular basis to achieve that specific goal.

However, you need a new action board every week or month, while you can keep the same motivation board until you achieve the goal.


Both action and motivation board are best when used along with a vision board. The vision board is the ultimate manifestation tool that features your biggest priorities all in one place.

All things considered, the use of manifestation tools speeds up the process of creation and helps you manifest your desired reality more easily Determine your true desires to be able to take advantage of some of the tools available.

Unless you have plenty of free time, you won’t be able to DIY a motivation board for every single specific goal you have or make an action board every week.

On the other hand, you can make a vision board online in ten to thirty minutes and use it for manifesting all of your highest priorities without getting your hands dirty. No glue, no magazines, no DIY whatsoever!

Making a vision board with Amazer is almost like talking to a mentor. Our team can help you put together a powerful manifestation tool that gives you a clear perspective on your desired future.

What is a Goal Board?

Goal Board consists of your weekly/monthly/quarterly goals placed on a board. You could choose to make it decorative or keep it simple.

We are not really big on goal boards for the same reason we are not big on New Year’s resolutions. They hardly ever work!

Almost everyone is guilty of writing down resolutions on January 1 and forgetting them by the end of the first month. This must’ve happened to you too. The same can happen with your goal board even if you keep it in front of your nose all the time.

How Does a Goal Board Work?

The problem with a goal board is that there is a huge distance between your reality and your scary big goals and desires that might look too good to ever be true.

Without daily visualization, it might seem to you that there is no way to get from where you are now to where you desire to be.

However, if writing down New Year’s resolutions ever worked for you, then you might want to transform that list into a goal board and keep it somewhere you can see it every day.


Vision Board Vs Action Board Vs Motivation Board Vs Goal Board

By now, you might be overwhelmed by all the manifestation tools out there. On top of that, you might struggle to define what you want to achieve in life. Identify your core values to clear your confusions and recognize your highest priorities.

Out of all these manifestation tools, the goal board is our least favorite.

A vision board, for instance, includes all your biggest goals along with images and other material that speak to you.

The vision board inspires you to visualize which softens the barrier between your current reality and your desired reality. Visualization takes you to your desired reality before you physically get there.

Vision boarding is basically letting your imagination take you places that make you feel good. Your imagination knows no limits.

We created Amazer to help you get rid of your limiting beliefs and unleash your full manifestation potential. Our team can make a vision board that inspires and motivates you to go after your wildest dreams.. It’s time to turn them into a vision – they are not just a wish, they are reachable!

Take advantage of our online vision board maker and reach for your dreams now!


So, how to decide whether to use a vision board, action board, dream board, motivation board or goal board?

First of all, make sure you are aware of your core values. These unique deeply held beliefs construct your desires and goals. Without knowing your core values you’ll find it hard to recognize your priorities and decide which tool is the best for you.

Let’s recap quickly:

Vision board is without a doubt the most powerful manifestation tool you could ever use. Our online vision board maker can help you get your hands on a vision board that actually works without having to do 4 other boards to create your desired reality.

Action board consists of all the specific do-able actions you can take on a weekly or monthly basis to get you closer to your final goal.

You could use this tool as an extension of your vision board.

A dream board is the same thing as a vision board, but it features your long-term final goals.

Motivation board is a tool aimed towards a very specific goal such as losing weight, getting debt-free, graduating from college with A’s and etc. You have to come up with a system to track your progress.

Goal board is a reminder of your goals for a specific period but doesn’t involve any tracking system, inspirational or motivational elements.

Let’s face it, no one has time to make 5 boards at once. Of course, doing at least one board is better than doing nothing.

But why not cherry pick and get the best one?

If there is one board that you should pick, that’s for sure a vision board. And this is the only board-shaped manifestation tool that you don’t have to do on your own!

Share your biggest goals and desires with us, and we’ll help you make a vision board that takes your vision to the next level. You’ll also get a practical guide to help you nail vision boarding.

With a vision board, you don’t just get one tool – you get the ultimate manifestation package! It inspires you to visualize, it motivates you to take action, it helps you feel good while making things happen!

What manifestation tool do you think would work best for you and why? Let us know in the comments!

(NOTE – Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

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