What is a Vision Board? How does it work?

Prepare to attack your goals as soon as today. You just clicked on what could be the most important step towards manifesting your strongest desires. In theory, the law of attraction states that you can create the life you desire and attract everything that you want. Sounds very promising, but is immensely frustrating when you fail the practical test. The million you desire hasn’t obviously landed in your bank account, neither you quitted your job to start traveling the world for free…

Do you have an idea, what is that you are missing? A vision board! Wait, what is a vision board!?

A vision board is basically a board with inspirational collages that represent your image of a perfect future. In this article, you are about to learn, among other things, in dept what is a vision board as well as how you could create and use the world’s most powerful manifestation tool to achieve all of your goals.


Activating The Law Of Attraction


It is the Law of Attraction that uses the power of our mind to materialize the things and experiences we desire. In other words, your life depends on the thoughts you are carrying. If you have negative thoughts and beliefs, you will attract negative things. Simple as that. The good news is that the law of attraction works in the same way for everything you want to attract in your life – including those million dollars!

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A vision board is a tool that makes it simple to understand and use the law of attraction in your favor. You represent your desires and goals with pictures on your vision board. Visualization, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to manifest your dreams and reach your goals.

That is why vision boards actually work! The collage that represents your ideal reality inspires your mind to visualize the things you want to attract. It doesn’t matter If you still haven’t manifested them, you stimulate emotions while visualizing them. Your emotions are what activates the Law of Attraction.

Remember, the Law Of Attraction is the actual law of the Universe, a vision board is a tool to make this law work for you. Moreover, visualization is the technique you need to use to manifest your desires.

Now that you know what is a vision board, it’s time to consciously activate the law of attraction and start manifesting!

Purposes Of A Vision Board


Vision board, or also known as a dream board serves a number of purposes, among which the most important are:

  • Recognizing and clarifying your main goals
  • Utilizing the power of visualization to manifest your dreams and goals

1. Recognizing And Clarifying Your Main Goals

Ever got stuck when someone asked you “What do you want the most in life?.” This question won’t catch you off-guard if you give it a good thought. Sit down, relax and ask yourself the same question for the purpose of creating a vision board.

This way you’ll discover what phrases like “better life” or “to become a millionaire” really mean to you. Divide such broad phrases into the tiniest details. Since a vision board is practically a board with quite limited space, you need to focus only on your strongest desires and things that matter the most to you. Then you need to look for images that represent those things in the best possible way. At the end of this process (drum roll, please) you’ll finally get a clear picture of your goals!

But there is one tricky thing that could stop you from identifying your vision…

Before creating your very own vision board that works you need to identify your core values first. The core values are in the essence of every human and actually generate the desires.

(NOTE: Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

2. Utilizing The Power Of Visualization To Manifest Your Dreams And Goals

After you’ve created a detailed image of your best life, you need to start visualizing your desires daily. To better understand visualization, think of this: You visualize when you worry and you fill yourself with negative emotions. The good news is that you can consciously use visualization in the opposite way: as a powerful manifestation tool!

By looking at the images on your vision board that represent your ideal life, you develop emotions. Your emotions are a driving force that activates the law of attraction to work as you please.

When you visualize a specific thing or activity, your brain actually goes through the process and sends signals to the rest of your body to prepare for action. That is why visualization is almost as powerful as performing the action. When you visualize yourself in a loving relationship or driving your dream car, your brain treats it as the real thing and trains your body for that desired reality.


How to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works


Now that you know what is a vision board and its main purposes, you are ready to learn how to make this powerful tool to design the life you desire. Excited?

The process of creation of your ideal future should be almost as fun as the manifestation itself! In order to enjoy the journey, you need to choose the most joyful way to create your vision board. With that being said, you could either DIY your vision board or make it online using vision board apps or tools.

If you love DIY projects and have plenty of time, you can make it yourself. However, many people can’t spend hours on a DIY project. Some, on the other hand, left their creativity in their childhood days. Unless you are an elementary school teacher, you might even feel lost jumping into such a project on your own.

If you prefer to make your vision board in minutes instead of hours, then consider making it online. To skip trial and error that might lead to giving up on the entire idea, just reach out to experts. The Amazer team has helped many people understand what is a vision board and create this powerful tool to manifest their desires.

You can have your very own dream board ready in just 10 minutes if you let us help you. We can’t wait to hear all the wonderful things you are looking forward to creating!

We want you to know all your options before making up your mind. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to DIY a vision board as well as choose the type that will serve you the best at a given time.


How to DIY a Vision Board


The number one thing is to know your true desires. You may think you know your goals but life gets in the way and you often get distracted. Determine your core values to make prioritizing much easier. You can recognize your true desires only by knowing your core values.

Assuming that you already know what is a vision board as well as your core values and goals, here are the things you need to make a DIY vision board:
  • any kind of board (poster board, erase board, pin board…)
  • scissors, tape, pins, or glue (depending on what kind of board you will use)
  • magazines that you can cut images from, fun stickers, markers

* This is a DIY project, so get creative with the materials!

Now, let’s get to work!

Let's get to work gif

To make a powerful vision board you need to choose visually pleasing content that really speaks to you. Besides pictures, you can include affirmations, quotes, inspirational words… Anything that inspires you and makes you feel good deserves a spot on your vision board. However, you need to keep it neat because the last thing you want is to attract chaos in your life! Therefore, always choose pictures, words or quotes that best represent your ideal life and goals.

Often time, people who choose to DIY their vision boards tend to make them a bit crowded and chaotic. These may look cute on Pinterest, but other people pinning your vision board won’t make your dreams come true. If you really suck at DIY, save yourself stress and time and create vision board online.

For manifesting positive things in many areas of your life, consider making more than one vision board.


Types of Vision Boards You Could Make


There are many other variations, but these are the 3 basic types to choose from. You could create any of these at different points in your life. Read carefully to understand what type of vision board you need right now or at any given time.

1. The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board

Choose This Vision Board If you:

  • know exactly what you want to achieve
  • have a specific thing you want to manifest (i.e. a new job, ideal partner)
  • would like to change your environment or surrounding

Hey, Mr/Ms “Know Everything” ready to smash those goals like is not a big deal? That’s the attitude! Not trying to steal your pink glasses, but we still want to make sure you don’t just hope that you would “make it happen.” That’s a good thing for sure, but you need a daily reminder of what you want to make sure you are on the right path towards achieving your goals.

Just a little reminder of your core values won’t hurt anybody.  Don’t let your ego get to your head. Who knows, you might discover a desire you didn’t know is that important to you… You’re welcome!

Without a further due, here is how to make a vision board when you are very clear about what you want to manifest. Your job is to find the images that perfectly reflect what you want to achieve. Easier said than done! You may have to go through countless of magazines until you find the exact photo you need. This may take hours, but without the right pictures, you won’t be able to put together a vision board that works.

If you are on a tight schedule, don’t let this obstacle stand in the way of you living your best life. There are experts that work their butt off to make the process of creating a vision board online hassle-free and enjoyable. You’ll get thousands of high-quality images to choose from, and you can keep changing them until you are completely satisfied with your vision board.

Often times when people DIY a vision board, they limit themselves to the pictures they find in the magazines they have at home, which might not be the best representation of what they want to create. That is why our team of LOA experts created an incredible database of high-quality images for you to find the ones that will inspire you to manifest your goals sooner than you think!

The entire process of making a vision board together with our experts takes a fraction of the time compared to DIY-ing it. In other words, with only a few clicks of the mouse, you can have the most powerful manifestation tool in a digital or physical form.

2. The “I am Not Sure What I Want But I Want a Positive Change” Vision Board

Create This Vision Board If you:

  • are not sure what exactly you want
  • have an idea of what you want but you are unsure about some points of it
  • are going through a period of depression or anything similar
  • want a positive change in your life but you are not sure how can you make it happen

The good news is that there is still something you can do to gain clarity on your desires and goals. The key is to know your core values that will help you recognize your true desires. No worries, you are not a helpless case, we will get through this together!

You Got This Gif

To make this type of vision board, you need to go through magazines or any printed material and collect the images that speak to you.

When you gather a pile of photos in front of you go through every photo and ask yourself what it might mean. Does it mean you need to move somewhere else? Get another cat? Even if you can’t give an answer right away, keep all the photos that have you feeling “some type of way.”

This may be the hardest vision board to put together as you don’t have a clear idea where you are going. People who go through tough times may find the process even more overwhelming.  If you need a hand, know that you are not alone. The Amazer team is always here to help you create your perfect vision board in even minutes. Unbelievable, right?

3. The “Theme” Vision Board

Create this vision board if:

  • you want to improve a specific area of your life (i.e. career, love life)
  • it’s New Year, your birthday or any important event that starts a new chapter in your life (i.e. marriage, divorce, new job)

The same process for creating the “I Know Exactly What I Want” vision board applies to the “Theme” vision board. The only difference is that this type of vision board is focused on very precise goals. You have to carefully choose images that will be in sync with your theme.

Finally, the secret to creating the most powerful manifestation tool is quite simple:

A highly customized dream board that inspires you to visualize and fulfills you with positive energy. But there is a catch! The most beautiful vision board is worth nothing if you don’t know how to use it. Read below to find out how to utilize it in the right way.


How to Use Your Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams and Goals


In the next minute or so you will discover the quickest and most effective way to manifest your dreams.

But first, we want to make sure that we are on the same page. A vision board will make the law of attraction work for you only if done in the right way. An essential part of the process of creating a vision board that brings momentum is knowing your true desires. Acknowledge your core values first to understand what are your true desires.

(NOTE: Want to find out your true desires? Take this ultimate free quiz to reveal your core values based on which you will understand right away what are your true desires & dreams. Just start the quiz now and you will see how simple it is!)

To get the most out of your vision board you need to place it somewhere you can see it every day. Make sure you spend time each day in front of your dream board to visualize your goals. It’s also recommended to visualize before going to bed because that influences your subconscious mind. The positive thoughts will carry throughout the night to the beginning of each day.

Get ready to be blown away! The next thing you know, you are a vibrational match to the life you desire. Each day you are closer to your desired reality. You’ll hear yourself saying: “Hell yes, this works!”

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As you begin to manifest things, don’t forget to go through the relevant images on your vision board and feel gratitude for the fact that the Law of Attraction is working in your favor. Don’t remove the pictures that reflect the goals you’ve already achieved. Use them to cement your belief that things are working out for you in a wonderful way.

However, you should create a new vision board at some point, preferably every year. As you achieve things, you grow. Namely, with your personal growth, your desires and goals expand. It is also helpful if you write down the date you created and put into use your dream board. You’d be amazed at how quickly the universe responds to your desires when you believe, visualize, and affirm!


Attack Your Goals Today


Vision board is the biggest motivator that pushes you towards manifesting your desires. Look at it as a daily reminder of what you want to achieve. As you achieve more, the vision board becomes a record of your unbelievable growth. You have your achievements documented in one place which makes you aware of the incredible things that you have attracted.

You are a few hours of brainstorming and one DIY project away from this insanely effective tool that will serve you throughout your entire life. Take advantage of the fast and free chatbot that tells your core values which will help you easily determine your true desires. Since you know what is a vision board, you can jump straight to creating your very own manifestation tool that actually works!

If you don’t feel like DIY-ing around with scissors and a bunch of old magazines you can always make your vision board online. Click here to discover the hassle-free way of making the most powerful manifestation tool in a matter of minutes. Yep, it’s that easy, so what’s your excuse?